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    Bit to Do

    Vixens opening night of Va Va Vittles offered delicious night of divas and dess
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    The Va Va Vixens tantalized a full house with a tremendous feast of savory dishes during their opening night of Va Va Vittles last night, August 9. The array of dazzling and creative costumes alone are worth the $20 ticket price. WOW! The costuming  work by Lee Ann Cooper and Bridget Witzke was just beautiful and all pulled together so  nicely, making this one of the best opening nights and most polished productions yet for the Vixens. While there is some raunchy humor, and this is definitely adult show, there is plenty of class and cute that makes this a show enjoyable for both male and female palates.

    Every Vixen production is more polished and professional, and this one takes the cake - or at least decorates a large wooden one with pieces of material pulled from one of the dancers' body during a charleston routine.

    Waitress Jolene and Frankie the Chef lead the audience through breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the diner where melodious minxes are just one of the things on the menu. The show starts off with the unbelievable figure and voice of Doll Face Molly and a pre-show of sultry singers, whetting your appetite with songs about food.  After a short break, the show begins with a little run down of the cast before making way for lunch ladies who strip out of cap and frumpy button down uniforms to serve up a beautifully executed tap routine. It's a great and energetic beginning to a feast that races quickly towards an intoxicating finish.

    Waitress Jolene and Frankie the Chef provide introductions and segways between acts.


    The following acts include a lyra routine by Victoria Delight, accompanied by the vocals of Miss Kitty Taylor, a group chair dance, and the first ever vixen roller skating routine by Dixxie Mae. She was adorable on her skates, and has a great fitness figure. She returns  on skates later in the show, too, as a chef in pursuit of a lobster.

    A show full of food and girls has to have lollipops, and the sweet treats (I mean the candy suckers) made several appearances in routines where vixens dance with giant ones, using them like fans or providing a pointed stick for people in the audience to pop balloons on Fleur De Tease's body, who looked like the cutest thing I've ever seen with her rainbow colored ponytails that draped past her waste. She was so cute, bouncy, bubbly and colorful that  all I could think of was rainbows and unicorns for some reason. 

    The Vixens managed to maintain their great sense of humor with puns and visual gags. Jolene pulled no less than 6 different food items from her beehive hair throughout the night and Frankie the Chef was sleazy enough to make even his girlfriend almost barf. He had a great accent and strong believable character. To make things even more hilarious, the vixens did a routine where they came out to cow and chicken sounds, and scratched around the stage to the Mission Impossible theme song done by chickens, before being chased by a wolf. The humor turned into a strong acroyoga/contortion routine. Later, Kenya Kissme showed off some lasso twirling during a routine of cowgirls in chaps doing what seemed like a slowed down and country version of the can can - or shoud I say cow cow? Either way, their milkshake brings all the boys to the...barnyard. (rimshot) There's another hilarious moment before dragging the audience in  with a conga line. I don't want to ruin everything, but you'll go bananas. I was in tears. 

    There's also room for things to get strangely sensual with a girl in a giant gumball or a warrior goddess (Lady Chameleon) getting a milk bath by Vixens wearing Wings of Isis. Lady Chameleon always manages to bring a sense of other worldy fantasy to her routines. When Electra came out as the Rock Lobster, I was fascinated by the detail of her shiny and sparkling clawed costume as the B-52's dancers danced around her with their lobster bibs on. 

    The acrobatics and aerial arts were stunning. Andrew Geodicke, Victoria Delight, Ms. Gypsy Love, Eva Destruction, and Madam Michon worked the aerial riggings like the trapeze, lyra, spanish web, hammock and silks with a great talent. The aerial acts have increased in complexity, skill, and Madam Michon's aerial talent is so smooth, I can only describe it as liquid. It's breathtaking and will satisfy your appetite for awe. 

    Return of regulars Lolalicious, Emerald Star, and Raven Roxonya peppered the show with  well timed and sultry group numbers to sensual and fun music like Peaches and Cream while  AJ Henry made a trip down from his perch (where he is usually the attic monkey who drops the aerial rigging from the catwalk). He performed in the acroyoga number and did a playfully erotic poi swinging routine with Ms. Gypsy Love. Ms. Love also did the final solo number of the night with her LED hula hoops to Cherry Pie. In true Vixen style, the show ended with a grand finale number, putting all the Vixens on stage at once. 

    The Vixens have truly found the perfect recipe, mixing humor, talent, and sensuality seasoned with audience participation. You have tonight and tomorrow (August 10, 11) to catch this 3 hour (with intermission) deep fried fantasy. The Vixens are quickly becoming a Louisville entertainment staple and their shows sell out or leave standing room only. Doors open at Headliners at 6 p.m. and tickets are $20 for standard seating or $30 for up front VIP seating with tables. You can buy tickets ahead of time at Headliner's web site. What you do after this romantic feast  is up to you, but you'll definitely leave feeling entertained, energized and looking forward to feasting again. I know I am. Yum.

    Images: Top Image: Fleur De Tease lets audience members pop her balloons with a lollipop stick. Article Image Waitress Jolene and Frankie the Chef. Images by Joe Mays of Alien Twilight Photography.

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