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    The only way to do the show “Va Va Vortex” justice is to say the Va Va Vixens will create a singularity in your heart with their space time curvature, although I’m sure I could come up with more obvious riffs using the word “wormhole” to describe a burlesque performance.

    It is almost too easy to make tawdry jokes if one looks at a list of time travel terms and their definitions such as “Planck - Wheeler Length,” so why wouldn’t these Louisville performers write a whole show around a time traveling British chap whose time travel lantern is on the fritz?

    The sold out show began with FiFi LaFemme Bot making announcements before the vortex opened, sending the time traveling Coop DeVille whirling through an array of dancers and songs including cave people, Charlie Chaplain, sock hoppers, and dubstepping robots. He then travels in and out of different time periods, finding himself in some steamy situations that arouse perturbation. Along the way, he runs into Deadly Dita DeVille (his wife in real life) portraying a homeless woman in post-apocalyptic 2099. Her wise cracks and sultry nonsense keep the audience in stitches as she refers to her sidekick and band mate Terrence (a stuffed monkey). She gets sucked into the vortex with Coop during a scuffle, and the rest of the show is sprinkled with their appearances and hilarious journey toward an attraction for each other, not to mention a perfect “Dirty Dancing” dance lift.

    Some of the scenes include routines from previous VaVa shows such as the adorable vintage gardener routine by Lola Licious, and other characters from previous shows make an appearance tying into the time travel theme. It was great to have inside jokes between the performers and Va Va audience regulars, but there are plenty of new things to see and enjoy. There were plenty of new scenes, routines and costumes. The handmade costumes and props are a feast for the eyes: robots, French renaissance, cave people, soc hoppers, flappers, a hilarious Lady Godiva and a giant pterodactyl are just a few. They truly add to the feeling that Louisville has a show to rival Vegas.

    I often try to go into more detail when reviewing shows and mention specific performers, but there was so much in this show. The aerial acts on the cube, chains and the lyra continue to set the Vixens apart from other burlesque troupes and wow the audience. The vocals throughout the show are amazing. There's break dancing, a chorus line, acroyoga, disco and a Michael Jackson tribute. It was most impressive to me that there was not one noticeable flub in this show despite having to rearrange it last minute due to a cast member's injury before opening night. Group numbers, solo numbers and artistic statements blended with clever writing, hilarious jokes and sex appeal led to the audience rising to its feet several times at the end to pour out their approval in gravitational waves of standing ovations, and let’s face it. Multiple Os are never a bad thing.

    You might be able to avoid having to travel back in time to get tickets to these often sold out shows if you’re smart and reserve online. Future shows are June 13, 19 and 20 at Headliner’s Music Hall. Prices are as follows: VIP $35/ Reserved Seating $25/ General Admission $20. The only downside to the night was parking. Headliners sold the lot across the street, so you have to arrive pretty early to get limited lot parking or park on the street. I arrived about 15 minutes after the doors opened and still found the lot full. 


    Photography by Kasey O' Connor Photography See More

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