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    Va Va Carnivale: Va Va Vixens show off their Big Top(s)
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    I ran away with the Carnivale last night and had a fabulous time! The Va Va Vixens return with another full night full of fantasy, fun, and feathers.

    At three hours long, you definitely get your money's worth. The Vixens have gone all out to put together a show full of wonders, wit, and warbles. From the adorable little clown Pierro and stiltwalking belle to the stronglady vocalist and bearded lady aerialist, you'll see everything you'd expect at a carnivale.

    The show kicks off in standard Vixen fashion with an array of songs by the Va Va Voices. For this show, they also added a fun little game to win a date with a Vixen. It was fun to see the audience members compete for such a lovely prize.

    The show is hosted by Madam Luna, a gypsy with her Crystal ball and deck (pronounced with an accent), which she freely offers for touching before giving a tarot reading. This is one of many hilarious characters played by Deadly Dita, and her ability to amuse in character is never a let down. (She was also "Railin' Beavers, the "male"  host of the game mentioned above.) Her free spirit and fun accent kept the audience entertained, especially when she told a hilarious story about being a gypsy at a waxing session at a spa that "waahhs noht relaxing, ahtall." The show is full of humor, and the Vixens continue to make sexuality playful; they present a carnival of erotic dreamscapes that will appeal to many tastes.

    Some notable acts include a steamy blade spinning dance number for blade enthusiasts, trained "poodles" riding tricycles, and girls dancing with flame colored materials that look like flames all around them. There was more man flesh in this show, which is a plus for the ladies in the audience, but not so much that  it will make men uncomfortable- just some great abs as they go topless.  For example, Mr. Shively played  a seedy carnie on an actual bed of nails, wearing a vest and slacks.

    One of the most impressive numbers was a "half and half" dance routine by Madame Michon: Half woman in white, half man in black, she wowed the audience by making it look as if a man and woman were dancing (you could only see one at a time) and even getting a little frisky with each other.

    I don't usually like to pick out one performer from an ensemble to praise, but Madame Michon is such a strong performer. She is a fabulous dancer, creative contortionist and amazing aerialist. She has a striking presence on stage and her execution is as smooth as the silks she worked as a snake in the snake charming routine.

    I really like that the Vixens are also stretching into some bizarre dreamscapes. There was a strobe light number by bizzare masked characters in suits with synchronized robotic movements as a fight between two women broke out in front of them. Later, an elephant and a bizarre masked mouse had a bit of a love affair as the mouse showed off aerial skills on the aerial cube. A naughty kitty entered the stage with an empty bird cage and turned around to spit feathers before a little tease. Also, a unicorn carousel danced on the stage as there was a double aerial act above them.

    There's also something for those who like their romance a little more "normal" - well, as normal as a Carnival Freak show can get. There was a hat and cane routine, cats performing acro-yoga, and hoola hooping.

    What carnivale would be complete without clowns? There was a fun number between silly clowns, and the always adorable Lola Licious played Pierro. Pierro was a poor little clown who just wanted to be part of the show but found herself chased off repeatedly by the ringmaster's whip. In the end, Pierrro gets her chance, and man does she give one heck of a show!

    The show comes to a tremendous end with a finale that would make Thunder Over Louisville jealous. There was so much talent showcased at once. The Vixens never cease to amaze me. The show included tap dancing, blade slinging, aerial arts, siamese twins, poi swinging, parasols, fan dancing, belly dancing, jitter bugging, stilt walking, and much much more. The costumes and choices of song are enough to dazzle you into returning with friends.

    As if all that's not enough, they will pose for pictures and have a kissing booth where you can buy kisses for $1 or $5 depending on if it's on the cheek or lips. Don't miss the remaining nights of this show. One of the most impressive elements of Vixen productions is that they run one time. That means you have four chances left to see it. This Friday and Saturday and next Friday/Saturday. Doors open at 7 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. You will probably want to get your tickets ahead of time as they often sell out, and you don't want to miss this carnivale before it leaves town.

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