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    By now you shouldn't be a stranger to the likes of David Gray, however lately I've asked a chosen few how they like him and they say 'who'?  Really?  Now look here jack rabbits, I'm coming off a weekend of loud, large men screaming at me so I need a hug more than you.  Tonight I'll take that hug from English singer/songwriter David Gray like being swallowed up by a bearded leather clad man in a 'mosh pit'.

    If you're still singing 'Babylon' as you read this I won't smack you upside the head, but if you keep singing it tonight expect a graze upside the dome.  There is SO much more to David's (us 'Davids' get permission to roll on a first named basis) catalog folks, and tonight we're going to get a big ol face full of Mutineer goodness.  Yeah, I'd expect some classics but not the whole night.  Here's where I start to gripe at you all as there are amazingly still Orchestra level seats available.  Yes I know he's been here before, but let's act like we have now people.  Thursday is the new Friday like Tuesday is the new Thursday, but that doesn't mean that it's 'Friends' and 'Will and Grace' night on NBC like it was in 2000 when Babylon was released.  

    'Sail Away' with me darlings, as I'm looking forward to a much different vibe tonight than last weekend.  Hell, I think I'm still tired from the whole weekend but certainly am grateful for the experiences, friends made, and missing Kid Rock.

    Get your tickets dingdongs!!

    Photo Credit:  Nascar Red Carpet, Murrica

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