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    The lion stayed home but the crowd that finally assembled did all the roaring needed!!  Last night was simply epic, but riddle me this Louisville.  How does a sold out show have empty seats?!  I understand things come up, people fall ill,


    but I was a bit disappointed at the turnout early for



    Langhorne Slim came out rocking and really did a fantastic job all around.  Now this is a band that has gone from playing Zanzabar, to Headliners, and now is opening up for Grace Potter at The Brown Theater! (Fact credit brought to my attention: Tron)  Indeed, you have to love that.  I guess I should actually thank those people who didn’t make it early as I might have snuck up a bit closer to take in the show.  There’s really no evidence except all the hipstergram pictures I posted on the nerdbook and Twitter, BUT who’s to say I really didn’t just pop up closer for a picture?!  I suppose everyone was also instructed to turn off their phones, but it would have been worth it had it happened!  Either way, Langhorne is a must see should you have the chance.  After this stint with Grace, they’ll be opening some European dates for that unpopular band The Lumineers.  They really are quite captivating and truly beast out.

    Of course, by the time Grace hit the stage the crowd had thickened nicely and did not disappoint.  Playing mostly songs off their new album ‘The Lion The Beast The Beat’, Potter’s voice has the power and pitch perfect sound of something of fiction.  She truly is one, if not the, of the best female Rock vocalists in the world today.  The kind of voice that sends chills down your spine, in a ‘that just blew my mind’ kind of way, and the Nocturnals back it up with powerful bluesy melodies at every turn.  In this case I do feel for those that had to miss the show but I’m sure they have valid reasons.  What they would be I personally can’t imagine, as I chatted with people trying to score tickets before the show and were having NO luck in person nor could score on this interweb.  Should you get the chance, you really need the loving goodness these bands produce in your life.  Feel free to let me know if you can’t make it the next time around as they promise to be back and I’d hate to be tempted to sit in your 5th row, dead center, seat without even asking.


    Credit: Ryan Armbrust

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