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    For the past couple of weeks a grand tournament has been raging a tournament for football mascot supremacy, high school and college mascots have been battling back and forth in a contest that is only concerned with the mascot. The current champion remains the Doss Dragon, who defeated the Indiana University Southeast Grenadier previously after he won out the college mascot division.

    The Hoosier state was represented obviously in the college division, but in the high school divisions all the mascots call the bluegrass home. That is a great injustice, one that will be remedied now as the Indiana division of the Mascot Pigskin challenge kicks off.

    The Floyd Central Highlander vs. The New Albany High School Bulldog

    So the Highlander is standing up on top of a hill yelling about how he’s the greatest and while he keeps shouting the Bulldog chases him down the hill proclaiming himself a canine king of the hill.

    Winner: The New Albany High School Bulldog

    The Jeffersonville Red Devil vs. The Charlestown Pirate

    Pirates are downright cruel, but do you know what’s crueler? A red devil.

    Winner: The Jeffersonville Red Devil

    Henryville Hornet vs. Silver Creek Dragon

    I don’t care how “sting-crazy” a hornet is, it’s dealing with a dragon here.

    Winner: Silver Creek Dragon 

    …And with that our remaining competitors go head to head in round two.

    The New Albany Bulldog vs. The Charlestown Pirate

    So we got a bulldog on one side and a pirate on the other, at the end of the day the pirate fights dirty, plus he’s got a cannon.

    Winner: The Charlestown Pirate

    The Jeffersonville Red Devil vs. The Silver Creek Dragon

    This is an intense match-up and the fire will be flying, and that’s just what it comes down to the Dragon can fly, the Red Devil can’t. This is the deciding factor because that flight provides an optimum way to avoid attacks from the Red Devil.

    Winner: The Silver Creek Dragon

    The final bout of this division is the only one that remains, the winner here will go on to compete in the ultimate Mascot tournament.

    The Charlestown Pirate vs. The Silver Creek Dragon

    On paper the Dragon seems to posses the power needed to easily defeat the Pirate and it does. However, the Pirate has a slew of weapons and a good knowledge of the ocean, how do you stop a fire? Throw water on it.

    Winner: The Charlestown Pirate

    And with that our Indiana division champion is crowned.

    Image courtesy of Royalty Free Clip Art

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