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    Well, we have reached the “exciting” conclusion of the first ever great mascot challenge where high school mascots compete one on one for the title of champion. Four different brackets have led us here, and four mascots have beat out the competition to get them to this point. This tournament wasn’t based on anything superficial like the school or the football team no, this was based purely on the mascot.

    Our final four is an eclectic group, out of the Independent Schools bracket comes the Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion, out of the Private Schools bracket comes the St. Xavier Tiger, from the Public Schools Bracket comes the Doss Dragon and from the Neighboring Counties bracket comes the Bullitt East Charger.
    Without further adieu let’s get the final four underway.

    The Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion vs. The Doss Dragon

    Now the Centurion, essentially a gladiator style warrior has defeated several animals to get to this point mainly using his cunning and intelligence. Unfortunately for him though, that cunning goes out the window when faced with a fire breathing dragon.

    Winner: The Doss Dragon

    The St. Xavier Tiger vs. The Bullitt East Charger

    Now, the Charger is depicted as a thoroughbred of sorts and it’s now going head to head with the speed and agility of a tiger. Of course, the Charger matches the Tiger for the most part in that department, the difference maker between these two is really in the Tiger’s attack skills which are genetically engrained, the Charger on the other hand has never needed such skills.

    Winner: The St. Xavier Tiger

    And, with that we have reached the championship who will win out in this mascot challenge, our victor will either be the Doss Dragon or the St. Xavier Tiger.

    Championship Match

    The tiger has a natural abilities including speed and power, and it no doubt has the dragons number in terms of speed and quickness, however at the end of the day the dragon makes up for it’s lack of quickness by its flight ability, you factor that in with its natural power and ability to breathe fire and the Dragon claims a victory over the tiger.

    Winner & Champion: The Doss Dragon

    All right, this whole thing was just a fun series to get people excited about the upcoming high school football season so regardless of the mascot you pull for go out and support your team. It’s an important part of not just the city’s sports culture but overall culture as well.

    Images courtesy of My Stock Vectors, 123rf, Toon Clips, Zazzle

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