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    We’ve made it to the very end of the “great” mascot Pigskin challenge, a massive tournament with area high school and college mascots. This whole thing is out of excitement regarding the high school and college football seasons which has been kicking off this month at varying times depending on the school.

    Throughout this challenge a total of six mascots have won out their divisions or brackets, as such were pitting these six mascots in the ultimate tournament. 

    The St. Xavier Tiger vs. The Doss Dragon

    These two have matched up previously and because of his sheer size and the fact that he can breathe fire the Doss Dragon repeats moving on to the next round.

    Winner: The Doss Dragon

    The Charlestown Pirate vs. The Christian Academy Centurion

    This is an interesting matchup because the Pirate fights dirty, the Centurion doesn’t. Further, they both match up pretty evenly in terms of weaponry at the end of the day so who comes out on top here? One word: protection, the Centurion constantly has armor on the Pirate doesn’t.

    Winner: The Christian Academy Centurion

    The Bullitt East Charger vs. The Indiana University Southeast Grenadier

    The Charger here is represented as a horse, and a Grenadier is an early American soldier, meaning the Grenadier would be able to tame the Charger and possibly even use the horse in future battles.

    Winner: The Indiana University Southeast Grenadier

    …And with that we go on to the final round, a triple threat matchup with our remaining competitors:

    The Doss Dragon vs. The Christian Academy Centurion vs. The Indiana University Southeast Grenadier

    Despite trying to join forces the Centurion and Grenadier (human size) can’t really handle the Doss Dragon (giant lizard size).

    Winner: The Doss Dragon

    Finally, let me say this, this whole goofy thing that lasted throughout the month is just a goofy means to stir up excitement regarding football season and area teams.

    Images courtesy of Facebook, Home Pages, Charlestown Pirates, Grace Baptist, Bullitt Schools, & Glitter Night

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