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    As I type this imagine that there’s a microphone echo in my voice:

    Thank you for everybody’s return in the first ever Great Mascot Challenge, tonight we should be closing up the Independent Private School mascot bracket, with two mascots competing in a double header. If you’re reading this thinking I’m crazy and that this is simply nonsense, please check out day one where this contest commenced. The basic rules are simple in honor of the high school football season mascots are competing for ultimate supremacy based on a bracket ala NCAA tournament.

    In the opening day of the tournament we were introduced to the teams in the Private Independent mascots, and four mascots made it through to the second round.

    Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion vs. Kentucky Country Day Bearcat

    In one corner we have a big cat, in the other a gladiator style warrior- this is an Ancient Roman Saturday afternoon. Now, the cat has the agility, speed, and tenacity however the Centurion has size, intelligence, and weaponry. And, at the end of the day you got to go with the guy with the sword.

    Winner: Centurion

    Louisville Collegiate School Titan vs. Whitefield Academy Wildcat

    Again we have man vs. beast, here the cunning is switched though. That Titan will lumber around striking at will where as the wildcat is calculating and ever aware of his surroundings, meaning there’s just a slight edge with the representative from Whitefield Academy.

    Winner: Wildcat

    And now ladies and gentleman, we have the competition between our two finalists in this bracket. The victor here will go on to face champions of the other brackets.

    Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion vs. Whitefield Academy Wildcat

    Here we go… the Wildcat calculates the moves of the Centurion while the Centurion stays aware of his competition. The Wildcat using his quickness and speed jumps on top of a nearby rock, using that as a platform to jump off of attacking the Centurion. The Warrior knows big cats all too well though and is aware of his strategies, he glides out of the way of the cat, pouncing on it once it hits the ground.

    Winner: Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion.

    The Centurion will get a rest for a few days to recover, however the tournament rages on tomorrow as we turn our attention to a new bracket.

    Image courtesy of 123rf

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