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    As we enter into the second week of the mascot challenge we are left with the final four of the Public School bracket these mascots I’ve fought, clawed, and danced (that goofy mascot way) to the bracket’s final four.

    The way this works, and please check out the earlier five installments of the tournament, is area high schools’ mascots go head to head- this is all in tribute to the football season getting under way this month. There are four brackets in this tournament, and today we hope to decide the winner of this one. Let’s get these semi-finals under way:

    The Doss Dragon vs. The Fern Creek Tiger

    The tiger is quick and strong but the Dragon is well—a dragon!

    Winner: The Doss Dragon

    The Valley Viking vs. The Brown Bear

    Now I would assume that at some point some guy with a pointy helmet named Leif has fought a bear. As a side note it wouldn’t surprise me if his last name was Garrett but that’s neither here nor there my point is these are two adversaries that are familiar with each other. Despite the fact that the Viking would injure the Bear with spears and similar he simply couldn’t take him out at the end of the day the Brown Bear would simply do what he’s done throughout this whole tournament and overpower his competitor.

    Winner: The Brown Bear

    And, with that were left with our final two mascots in this bracket…

    The Doss Dragon vs. The Brown Bear

    The Dragon has squared off with a bear in a previous round so he does have some experience, the Bears on the other hand has more than likely never seen anything like a dragon- further regardless of how the Bear would try to avoid the Dragon at the end of the day it is a giant fire spitting lizard that can fly- quite frankly the Bear couldn’t avoid that for too long, this meaning we have our victor for this bracket the Doss Dragon.

    And, with that three of our four brackets are currently occupied with the Christian Academy of Louisville Centurion, the St. Xavier Tiger and of course the Dragon. Tomorrow, we begin the contest for that final spot. 

    Image courtesy of Facebook, PVHS, Homepages

    123rf, Fern Creek

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