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    The mascot tournament, in honor of the high school football season’s kick-off, rages on in the fourth bracket as the only remaining spot in the final four is up for grabs, currently were in the second round of that bracket and four mascots remain.

    Bullitt East Charger vs. Spencer County Bear

    What we really have with this match up is horse vs. bear, an interesting contest however seeing as how were in Kentucky you got to go with Bullitt County because if a horse has a “home court” advantage it’s got to be in the Derby City.

    Winner: Bullitt East Charger

    Shelby County Rocket vs. The Trimble County Raider

    Trimble County’s raider is essentially a cowboy on a horse, and he’s going up against a Shelby County Rocket. If Dr. Strangelove has taught me nothing it’s that cowboys can ride rockets and that is a win to me.

    Winner: Trimble County Raider

    This means…

    The Bullitt East Charger vs. The Trimble County Raider

    Let’s face it the Raider has just ridden a rocket, he’s worn out meanwhile the Charger has just fought a bear, I believe I’ve seen Jerry “The King” Lawler do just that, and then he had the energy to defend his wrestling championship belt.

    Winner: The Bullitt East Charger

    And with that, the final four has been established the Doss Dragon, the Christian Academy Centurion, the St. X Tiger and newest in the fray the Charger. One of these mascots will be declared winner. The finals will commence tomorrow between these four fierce competitors.

    Images courtesy of King of the Bluegrass, Zazzle, ChartsTrimble 

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