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    Since 1884, the Kentucky Humane Society has served as a haven in our state for animals that do not belong to a family, adopting a no-kill policy and working with local businesses to help find lovely animals safe homes. They have envisioned a future where all pets may find a loving home and be treated as the amazing companions they are by creating and maintaining different methods of population control within animal shelters. So long as the animal is healthy and behaviorally sound, KHS does everything in its power to find a home for it, utilizing local resources including calling on volunteers, and relying on their followings to spread the word about any events in support of their mission. They never euthanize an animal based on available shelter space and are dedicated to caring for every companion that enters their shelter. 

    Based on how many other shelters handle pet overpopulation one can assume that keeping every animal alive and well until a home is found can be stressful and expensive, causing KHS to need a little more help than usual. On their Facebook page you can find updates about new animals who have entered the shelter. Recently they have posted a call for help from anyone who knows of businesses that would allow foster ambassadors to bring in foster pets in hopes of meeting new people who may want to take them home. They ask that anyone with information email with the location and any rules they may have when it comes to animals on the premises.

    Do not be afraid to ask local store owners how they feel about allowing animals around. If you own a local business yourself, do not hesitate to email KHS with any rules you may have as they have assured businesses that all rules will be followed. The Kentucky Humane Society has given numerous amounts of animals loving homes, and an unfathomable amount of people best friends, we shouldn't be afraid to give back.

    Keep Louisville connected, keep Louisville caring, keep Louisville beautiful!


    Photo courtesy of Kentucky Humane Society via Facebook

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