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    In 2009 a flood struck viciously at Louisville's city animal shelter (LMAS) and forced volunteers to evacuate all the animals from location. This in turn led to a mass amount of volunteers coming to their aide, but the volunteers stayed around much longer than they originally thought they would need to. Eventually the aides mixed in with a group of volunteers that had been coming in to help regularly over the years, and they formed a new model or ideal for how Louisville should run its shelters. They created No Kill Louisville

    No Kill aims to ensure that no feral cats or adoptable animals are killed; that they will always find a home no matter how long it takes. It is their vision to live in a community where this is the norm among shelters and animal care establishments alike all throughout Louisville and while they have come a very long way on their own, gaining notoriety, followers, and pull within some of the political community, they still need a little help. 

    On Tuesday April 21st of this year No Kill Louisville will be hosting a Bingo Night Fundraiser from 6:30 p.m- 10:00 p.m that will include bingo games (for those 18 and older) as well as raffles, donations, and a cash bar for those over the age of 21. Proceeds will of course be going towards helping local shelters and ensuring the well being of all animals that are within shelters now, and each game will hold a prize for the winner. Although everything seems to be set up exceptionally and there is a large following behind No Kill Louisville, they have put out a small post asking for the help of local businesses. 

    The Facebook post asks any of their followers to name local businesses that may be willing to donate raffle and prize items for the event. Although not everyone seems to share their determination when it comes to saving the lives of feral cats and sheltered animals, I have seen how wonderful the local businesses in Louisville can be when asked for help and I know their call for help will not go unheeded. Either way, it cannot hurt to speed up the process for them a little bit right? So if anyone has a way to donate items from a local business pass the news along their way! With enough donations they can ensure that everyone who wins gets a prize, which will possibly help them gain enough money to reach their goal of a "no kill" community a bit quicker, and the publicity will be amazing for any local business that participates. 

    Keep Louisville local, keep Louisville connected!

    Image via Ermolaev Alexander on Shutterstock

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