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    About Me: 
    I am a lover of writing and all things literature as I have been since a very young age. My works range from novels to poetry and everything beyond or between, though there are pieces I am not the proudest of. I have a lovely partner, amazing family, and eight erratic, excitable dogs that couldn't be more like children if they were completely hairless and stood on two legs. Do not let me fool you though, I am basically your average person who is a bit obsessive over video games and anything with a good story. If you like the articles go ahead and check out my other works on and go ahead and add me on Facebook if you'd like!
    What I Love About Louisville: 
    I haven't lived in Louisville my entire life but it is where I have spent most of it. I was here until around the age of nine enjoying my youth as well as anyone could but due to family employment situations we had to move to Georgia for a couple years. I suppose after living somewhere else and moving so often within Kentucky itself I came to appreciate what was readily available and enjoyable in my home community. I actually love the diversity of the weather unlike most because I feel that diversity continues to make life interesting. That interest only builds on top of the wonderful and colorful history Kentucky has as the home to many great leaders and talents of our time. I suppose knowing that many others came from Kentucky and made their lives into something amazing gives me a little bit of hope, which is the main fuel in a lifetime full of chasing dreams.


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