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    Independence Day is family holiday. In a state where most people marry 4 years below the national average anyone single over the age of 25 has reason to fear all family gatherings for the inevitable tsking tongues of aunts or the disappointed looks from grandfathers - not to mention your new nephew plopped in your lap as a relative condescendingly adds, "You'll never have one of your own if you don't settle down."

    Easier said than done. Louisville is consistently ranked as one of the 10 worst cities in the country for singles. Believe me - if you feel like dating in this town is unnecessarily hard, you're not alone.

    Every week Derby City Dating introduces you to a new place to meet other singles or a good place to go once you've snagged that first date. For the holiday weekend, we're taking you downtown to Derby City Espresso.

    The owner, Matthew (who happens to be single) is hosting an open potluck for anyone who wants to stop by. He'll have a grill going, so feel free to bring along staples like burgers and brats, marrinated veggies if you're feeling healthy, or whatever kind of cold items you like. It's the same setup as a backyard barbecue, except it's on Market Street.

    I've been to DCE a few times and can say the people who collect there really are friendly, outgoing sorts ranging from mid 20's to mid 40's. Matthew is a fascinatingly aggressive hippie while most of the people I've met there are flaming liberals with the occasional hipster or geek thrown in to mix it up. If you want to meet someone who is interested in the local independent music or theater scene, this is a place to go. Plus, this is a coffee shop that specializes in beer. So bring a dish to share and a few bucks to spend on frothy adult beverages.

    Once people have a chance to eat hearty and drink from Derby City Espresso's surprisingly good beer selection, Matthew will lead a trek a few blocks down towards the waterfront so people really can see the fireworks. You weren't lying to your aunt after all.

    This small event, only advertised to fans of DCE on Facebook, sounds just like being invited to a low key 4th of July party where you only know one person. That's what makes it a perfect place to meet people. You see, one of the keys to meeting new people is sharing a common experience. It gives you an instant topic of conversation, and things can proceed from there. In this case you're all doing something together that has a low barrier to entry - namely bringing food and eating what was cooked by strangers, all while in a confined space where you can't spread out and run away. This is a perfect brew for talking to new people. The way Derby City Espresso is laid out, you can't really hide in a corner even if you want to. This is a good thing for you shy people - someone is likely to come up and talk to you.

    Another thing I like about this event is it's not specifically targeted singles, which means it won't be a meat market. You don't have to worry about that crazy tense atmosphere where everyone's on the prowl. It's aimed at anyone who really likes hanging out at the kind of coffee shop that sells beer and hosts a lot of live music. Folks will be laid back and looking to relax. Bring a potluck dish, drink a beer, and see if any sparks fly on the 4th of July.

    Derby City Espresso
    331 E. Market
    Louisville, KY

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