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    So, as all of you can probably tell, I've been covering some things lately that are a bit out of character for my own personal taste.  That may continue, as hey there's always an experience to be had (I see you Brad Paisley), but the show tomorrow at The New Vintage is a real must-see in my opinion.

    I hate music genre labels in general, but let's just say the overall sound of tomorrow's show will be "smack yo momma" awesome. I had the distinct pleasure of talking Stephen Murray, guitar savage for HGTR (Holy Ghost Tent Revival), and the conversation made me even more stoked for the show.  HGTR hasn't played a ton in Louisville. I have known of H&H (Hoots and Hellmouth) for ages, and they usually get a grand draw for their shows so let's not let them down. With influences from artists like The Band, The Beatles, and even Chicago (who doesn't love Peter Cetera?!) you're bound to get some funky jams and I'd encourage you to get a taste prior.  Spotify is a magical thing and their latest studio album 'Sweat Like the Old Days' is a treat, so feed them lots of bourbon as they're looking forward to that as well.

    Hoots and Hellmouth are truly fantastic as well.  Sean Hoots is an incredible songwriter and with the group he embraces it's certainly difficult to stumble.  With a handful of studio albums under their belt, Hoots and Hellmouth are no strangers to awesome.  I am looking forward to a crafted delivery of grooves sure to inspire.  Through in some folk, rock, Americana, and bluegrass (bonus points for a superfecta of stereotypical genre name drops) and then sprinkle on some badass and there you have them.  

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