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    With two great weeks spent among family, friends, too many carbs, and bottle after bottle of champagne, my holiday hangover has finally been put to rest and I am ready to start fresh.

    2014 was a monumental year in my life that involved a college degree, new job(s), new friends, a new outlook, and new opportunities. With the successes that last year brought me, I can only hope for another year of good fortune. In order to make the most out of 2015, I have chosen resolutions based on the experiences and qualities that I feel I am lacking. I have chosen resolutions that will better enrich my life in all aspects (and the environment too)!

    If you haven’t already made your list, hopefully you will be inspired to do so with my six New Year’s Resolutions:

    Learn A New Language
    Two years ago I bought Rosetta Stone to re-learn my 12-year stretch of French (you would think I would be fluent after 12 years, right?). Now, I am ready to take the time to actually use that expensive tool.

    Being bilingual doesn’t only help you advance your career, but it is also a unique and great way to immerse yourself in a new culture. There are various tools to learn a language out there and even some locally, just do a little research. Even though I have hardly opened my Rosetta Stone, it is the leading language tool that uses an interactive software and a brain-fitness program to help you learn and pronounce your choice of over 30 languages. If you are more of a classroom type of person, Los Monitos Language Center offers 10 languages in weekly hour and 15 minute classes over a 7 week period for only $150 (prices vary depending on class). Private lessons are also available. Ce est une excellente activité à faire avec un ami! Translation: This is a great activity to do with a friend! I’ll be honest, I googled that.

    Get Movin’
    Yea, yea this is everyone's resolution, but if you’re one to make and break this promise then why not prove to yourself that you can do it? Don’t make getting fit a chore, make it something that you enjoy, which is why this is still on my list. I try to eat healthy and work out a few times a week, but my real resolution in terms of getting fit is to take more walks, go hiking, and not spend my free time with Netflix. My advice - download some jams and get outside, take a long walk, do yoga (check out my hot yoga article here), take the stairs instead of the elevator, and eat healthier. Little steps can make a big impact. Make getting fit an activity you look forward to.

    Save Money
    My dad always always says to save 20% of your paycheck. Great advice that I rarely use. Saving money is my biggest challenge and one that I am determined to tackle. It is so easy to spend money, but in reality, you really don’t need that new outfit or that extra cocktail. Pass those small things up for an experience like traveling, learning a new language, or checking something off your bucket list.

    Make New Friends, But Keep The Old Ones, Too
    Making new friends is fun and as easy as striking up a conversation with someone. Whether it is at work, the dance floor, grocery store, or the dog park, get to know them through your own curiosity. What is their story? I always want to know where someone went to college, what they do inside and outside of work, how many siblings they have, their favorite food, etc. and then find the relatable things in between. Enjoy the conversation.

    As for your old friends, make an effort to grab dinner or chat on the phone once in awhile so as not to lose touch with them.  

    Join A Club
    No, we aren’t back in high school, but getting involved extends far beyond your academic career. Pick one or two weekly activities to join like intramural sports or a club. Making new friends, networking, staying in the know, and being a valued member of an organization are all good things that come out of being involved. Even if you aren’t new to Louisville, check out New 2 Lou’s organizations page to find something that suits you. If you don’t want to do it alone, bring along a friend and do it together.

    Getting involved can also be as little as going to an event or activity around town. Check out our events calendar for daily activities around Louisville and Southern Indiana. We strive to find unique and fun events from workshops to shows to beer tastings and more. There really is something for everyone on our list.

    My last New Year’s resolution is to recycle. The difference you can make by simply placing an aluminum can, your junk mail, or a milk carton in a separate trash can is astronomical. As for your old electronics, they certainly do not belong in the trash can either. There are plenty of local business who will either pick up or allow you to drop off your old electronics for free. In the past, I have used Bluegrass E-Cycle.

    Compiling a list of resolutions is the easy part, but carrying them out can be tough. I encourage you to choose ones that you are confidant you can not only keep, but also enjoy. Of course, that is easier said than done, but it can be done. If you want to lose weight, take long walks around your neighborhood or one of the many beautiful parks in Louisville. If you want to be more motivated, wake up early before work and try to check at least one thing off your to-do list. Choose resolutions that can easily be implemented into your daily routine, that way, they will be easier to keep.

    And finally, I wish you all a happy, exciting, and prosperous New Year. Cheers!


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