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    After countless hours of NCAA study the NFL is set to kick off their annual draft on Thursday, an event which seems to carry with it a sense of optimistic caution; no doubt related to the players union/owners debates which will permeate throughout this draft.

    Regardless of the end result of those talks though, there seems to be no question that a season will be held, perhaps an abbreviated one, perhaps one not until next season, but one none the less; with that in mind coaches and team owners have to recognize the necessity of finding new talent, a decidedly monumental task when one considers first round draft picks can mean Terry Bradshaw or Tony Mandarich.

    And, with all of that information inevitable arm chair quarterbacks across town will give me their drunken two cents- change that I never asked for nor did I want. Still, it’s worth looking at the local prospective pros going into the draft.

    Representing Louisville at the NFL camp was tight end Graham Cameron, who would be a decidedly solid mid-draft pick for a team that utilizes short passes, perhaps Minnesota or Buffalo. Defensive back Johnny Patrick turned some heads, a strong and explosive back Patrick’s ability to create important defensive plays would serve a team who operated under zone defense, and as such he has a strong chance to be a mid to upper-mid level choice. Running back Bilal Powell, while still developing, has a strong chance to become a mid-draft choice as his raw speed and control skills make him a formidable opponent.

    Two powerhouse players represent Kentucky in the draft, wide receiver Randall Cobb, could be selected in the middle rounds- though presently coaches are looking at Cobb more for special teams than offense. Derrick Locke, the Wildcat’s breakout Running Back, has many in the league noticing his steadiness, a steadiness which is desperately needed for many teams in that position, as such look for Locke’s selection in the mid-rounds.

    IU has three possible mid range selections, offensive lineman James Brewer, who may be passed over but has a strong work ethic which may see him as a free agent early on, but shouldn’t be in indecision between teams for too long. Then there’s IU’s double wide receiver threat of Tandon Doss and Terrance Turner.

    Oh right, and by current laws from the NFL: As of this date, Brett Favre is still retired…for now.

    Image courtesy of Sabrina B.- In Flex We Trust 

    Despite mounting tension NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will oversee the NFL 2011 Draft

    Information regarding draft specifics courtesy of

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