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    Some might say that I got football on the brain, which very well might be true. But, I can tell you this for sure I’m not the only one. The past two days I developed an “all-cards team” of sorts.

    Go back, and check them out if you want to see who I had in and where. In looking forward toward Saturday’s Louisville-Kentucky game though, today I’m looking at the blue and white of Kentucky, for the offensive squad for my picks for an “All-Cats” team.

    Beginning with quarterback, considering the fact that Louisville has a hall of famer in at that position in Johnny Unitas, it would seem that Kentucky would answer back with their own hall of famer in the legendary George Blanda. Three American league football championships and two all-pro selections are really just scraping the surface as to why Blanda would be an ideal choice.

    To put it simply, to compete in the SEC a team has to find the toughest running backs they can get. As such starting for the “All-Cats” team is George Adams and Mark Higgs. Adams had such a stellar career at Kentucky that he was a first-round draft pick in 1985, a pick that followed with a successful pro career with the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. 

    Meanwhile, Higgs continually impressed at every team he was at, including the pro franchises of the Cowboys, Eagles, Dolphins, and Cardinals.

    While competing in the running back position in the SEC revolves around power, the wide receiver position is all about speed, a speed that Randall Cobb and Tom Hutchinson display. A new addition to the defending Superbowl champion Green Bay Packers, Cobb in college was a member of the SEC all freshmen team, the All SEC-first team, and currently holds the title for most touchdowns by any single Kentucky player.

    A member of a Kentucky team dubbed “the thin thirty” Tom Hutchinson, had a work ethic that was hard to beat, an ethic that took him to the pros playing for the Cleveland Browns as well as the Atlanta Falcons.

    Of course, a team is only as good as its offensive line. And the “All-Cats” team certainly delivers a quality one. At left tackle, Bob Gain, a “tough as nails” offensive linemen who won the SEC linemen of the year award in 1950, and five time pro-bowler Gain was a player that any coach would want on their team.

    Next to him at left guard, Sam Ball, who despite being known as a tackle I’m moving to guard for quickness purposes and to make room for everybody I’m trying to get on the roster. An All-American and All-State athlete Ball was an easy choice for this squad.

    On the other side of the ball, Ray Correll, a former Pittsburgh Steeler was always a formidable force on the gridiron. At right tackle, beloved by Cats fans for his disparaging remarks about the Vols after, Kentucky beat them in 1957, Lou Michaels would become a two time pro-bowler, playing with the Rams, Steelers, Colts, and Packers.

    In the middle of it all, Wildcat favorite Irv Goode at center. While Goode bounced around the line, he has the tenacity necessary to act as center for Blanda. Goode himself is a two time pro-bowler.

    At tight end, Charlie McClendon, despite a solid playing career McClendon is known more as a coach going so far as being inducted into the College football hall of fame in 1986, meaning that he could provide the leadership the line needs.

    Finally, kicking for the Cats is Glenn Pakulak, a first team all-SEC kicker Pakulak his leant his talent to teams around the pros including, the Seahawks, Steelers, Falcons, and Raiders among others.

    And, that concludes the All-Cats offensive squad. Remember Louisville vs. Kentucky’s Saturday at 7 in Lexington. And, make sure to check out the Kentucky defensive side tomorrow.

    Image courtesy of University of Kentucky

    Addition information: Wikipedia and University of Kentucky

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