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    Happy World UFO Day!
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    July 2 is World UFO Day.

    No, seriously.

    There’s a World UFO Day Facebook page and everything.

    Curious about the importance of Louisville in the world of Unidentified Flying Objects, I hit the internet and researched “UFO sightings in Louisville, KY.”

    Apparently, there have been sightings in 2013, in both January and March. Read more eyewitness reports  here , here , here  and here.


    After the internet, I pulled out my copy of Weird Kentucky by Jeffrey Scott Holland and flipped to the Index to see if there was anything on UFO sightings. I was not disappointed, as Holland’s book discusses instances of alien abduction, crop circles, a train colliding with a UFO and even a death that was attributed to a UFO. (My copy was purchased from WHY Louisville  but you might also want to check Carmichael's .)

    There are even two Kentucky ambassadors for world UFO Day.      

    So, the question becomes: how should World UFO Day be celebrated in Louisville? The World UFO Today website doesn’t offer any suggestions, really, outside of cupcake decorating ideas. Should we gather at a local watering hole and raise a glass for all the extra-terrestrials we have yet to meet? Maybe find a nice spot outside to marvel at the stars and look for anything suspicious in the night sky?  Rent classic alien movies and scare ourselves?

    I leave the specifics up to you.

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