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    Bit to Do

    The Comfy Cow Adult Milkshakes Event
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    Just consider me the resident writer of for The Comfy Cow. Clearly, we have a lasting love affair that has not existed since the likes of Jack and Rose, Wall-E and Eva, and Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. So what happens when silky smooth ice cream, love of your life, toasts to your happiness with alcohol and books?

    The Comfy Cow Adult Milkshakes

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is Comfy Cow’s Adult Milkshakes happy hour was precisely my kind of shindig. And if you weren’t there, you can still recreate the mouth-watering magic.

    I couldn’t resist buying a copy of Adult Milkshakes for my best friend Kim, who both loves The Comfy Cow and cooking, as well as one for myself.

    Stephen M. Ringler's Adult Milkshakes

    It was nice to have an event with different components, where you could get an intoxicating mid-afternoon sugar buzz, while being surrounded by books. It’s a modern-day fairytale where Belle’s library from The Beauty and the Beast springs to life, except sponsored by Carmichael’s Bookstore and it's the PG-21+ adaptation.

    Adult Milkshakes at The Comfy Cow

    The Black Forest Milkshake (left) and Raspberry Rave Milkshake (right).

    Adult Milkshakes at The Comfy Cow

    Living the dream.

    The Comfy Cow Frankfort Avenue

    The Comfy Cow Frankfort Avenue

    Love the Frankfort Avenue location.

    The Comfy Cow Adult Milkshakes

    There was a raffle to win a Waring Milkshake Blender!

    The Comfy Cow Adult Milkshakes

    Even my friend Evan came out for some extra fun milkshakes! We both liked Raspberry Rave the best.

    The Comfy Cow Adult Milkshakes

    Having a terrific time at the event!

    The Comfy Cow

    Stephen M. Ringler Adult Milkshakes

    Author Stephen M. Ringler with his delightful recipe book Adult Milkshakes.

    Stephen M. Ringler has a fascinating life story. He has lived in places as exotic as Venezuela. He was a man who had a knack for making really tasty milkshakes that would be huge hits at parties. The idea was born from there, where it was tested out by over 30 taste testers to narrow down the best possible choices for making this book. Sign me up to be a taste tester next time, please!

    I am a firm believer that every experience makes you better, and this philosophy has to apply to Mr. Ringler’s distinctive and delicious recipes. I was surprised to find that, while expecting to be won over by The Black Forest Milkshake, it was the Raspberry Rave that had me sold. This shake was satisfyingly sweet and refreshing with the dancing taste of fresh raspberries.

    The book has a lighthearted, entertaining tone that makes for a very fun read as you explore through the myriad of alcoholic milkshakes such as “Storm the Bastille Blackberry Shake,” a loving Charlie Brown-referenced “The Great Pumpkin Shake,” “Chocolate Cherry Shake” (with the note that “You’ll never forget the first time”), and even a “Cure for The Blues Shake.” There is essentially a hard milkshake for every occasion. Even for the healthy yoga exercisers.

    Louisville, I’m going to put this out there. I know it’s still technically the last day of January, but with a Valentine birthday, I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day for quite a while. And I think that Stephen M. Ringler’s creative endeavor Adult Milkshakes would make a terrific gift that keeps on giving.

    I also think The Comfy Cow would make an adorable post-dinner dessert date for the gooey romantics to the cynical ice cream-demolishers. Even the pro-saccharine singles can still get their revelry on in spite of St. Valentine.

    The Comfy Cow Frankfort Avenue

    You don’t have to be in love with anything other than ice cream to enjoy The Comfy Cow or Mr. Ringler’s Adult Milkshakes.

    The Comfy Cow Adult Milkshakes

    Ice Cream: A delicious mix. Top flavor: Justin Timberlake-inspired (finally got to try this one!) Sweet Southern Nights: Blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream made with Mr. Bringing Sexy Back's very own 901 Tequila with homemade blackberry lime biscuit bites and sweet blackberries. It was perfection just like JT himself. Bottom flavor for my chocoholic fix: Nene Loves CocoaNuts!: Coconut and chocolate flavored ice cream loaded with toasted coconut, Barry Callebaut dark chocolate pieces and toasted almonds. 

    Frankfort Avenue The Comfy Cow

    One of my favorite things about the Frankfort Avenue location. You have to get a picture with the feet coming out of the chimney!

    With charming locales like The Comfy Cow and unique gift ideas like this recipe book, there is no question in my mind why Louisville is the place to be.

    Top Photo: Courtesy of The Comfy Cow's facebook page; All Other Photos: Courtesy of Julie Lamb

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