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    Bit to Do

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    Seems like people have a lot of opinions about NuLu. Either you love it or think it's horribly pretentious. Here's what some Yelpers think:

    Reviewer John Z., who was a little crabby one morning, tells the kids how it is at Please & Thank You. He apparently has plenty of marketing wisdom by virtue of his being “of the generation up one from the 30/40 something kids of 60's hippies.“

    “A simple test in a cafe is to order a latte and a pastry. How old-fashioned of me, right? If you can't get the basics, I won't order anything else, nor would most people who know the difference. I chose the hardest-to-screw up chocolate chip cookie. Strange smelling, lacking any butter aroma or flavor, tasting of low-grade chocolate, my friend and I left half of it on the table. Yuk! If you can't get a cookie right, then why try anything else? All the chatter on these reviews must come from the 20/30 something groovers who pack in - and perhaps those folks don't know much about what is truly good. Many businesses in the area from past days made much, much finer examples of pastry, lunch, and coffee, and did so many years earlier, back when Market St. was unfeasible for business models of this nature.”

    Are you bored yet? He goes on for about another 500 words about how “20/30 something groovers” don’t know what’s good. I sure could use some P&TY coffee to wake me up…

    Amy C. uses those creative writing skills to praise the selection of jewelry, gifts, home accessories and dirty greeting cards at SCOUT.

    "Word Association Time:

    Question:  What do you think of when you hear the word "SCOUT"?

    Possible Answers:  

    A.  "Boo Radley's friend."  

    This means that you are like my sister.  You have excellent taste in literature.

    B.  "Boy Scout."

    This means that you are like my brother.  You have excellent taste in khaki knee socks.  

    C.  "To Seek," "To Find," or "To Search."

    This means that you are like the owners of SCOUT.  You have excellent taste in retail."

    A leisurely dinner at Harvest was a little too leisurely for J H.

    “It made me wonder if "farm to table" meant they actually had to drive to the farm after I placed my order.”

    But Chris S. sure did like his fried chicken and hoecake.

     “I had the Buttermilk fried chicken. Double heaven?  Yes. It was like General Harvest bitch slapped  Colonel Sanders and told him to make his chicken taste better and use hens that are not full of nasty ass hormones.  That hoecake was amazing."

    Matt R. had a bad 80s flashback in the midst of all the kitsch at WHY Louisville. But things were good otherwise!

    “The only thing in here that legitimately freaks me out is the enormous Noid costume (the old Domino's pizza mascot). I don't think the Noid is for sale, but if someone would please purchase it and make it go away, I'd be awfully grateful. Otherwise, I find the whole shtick very welcoming. My girlfriend enjoyed a 25 cent pony ride the last time we stopped in, and she only elicited stares from the under-5 crowd.”

    In his review of the basement bar at Decca, Paul D. gives his dating wisdom:

    “Recommendation: Go to impress a date but only have a drink(any more than one and you need to get a second mortgage) on the patio or in the basement bar.”

    Wonder how many ladies private messaged this guy asking for a date after this review...

    Full disclosure: the basement bar at Decca is one of my top five favorite places in Louisville.

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