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    Basic Dance Floor Rules
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    There really is nothing I find more exciting and exhilarating than shaking, shimmying, and sweeping across a dance floor.  I started with ballet as a child, 18 & under dance clubs when I was in high school, the bar scene when I turned 21, and now I've been taking ballroom dancing lessons for over a year.  Dancing is an activity unlike any other; it can help you find a life partner who isn't crazy or a nitwit!  Having lived in Louisville all my life I can tell you there are plenty of different outlets to satisfy all the ways you like to tread.  So if you are a newbie and want in on this fantastic craze here are some general guidelines to ease you on to the many dance floors this city has to offer:

    Rule #1:  The dance floor is for DANCING!

    I can't tell you how many times I've gone out to a club on a Saturday night where the hot new DJ of the month is playing and people are standing on the dance floor like immobile statues.  It's not a concert, it's not a performance, the dubstep you are hearing is to make your feet actually step.  It's the most awkward thing when I see people sprinkled throughout the gyrating masses just standing there facing the stage.  If you aren't there to let your hip bones swivel then you should stand off to the side, please.  *Note to all single men: most women in general are more likely to be attracted to a man who has the confidence to get out on the floor and dance versus standing on the side watching everyone else.

    Rule #2:  Please leave your drinks at the table.

    I'm not saying that taking your drink out on to a dance floor is a total failure in bar etiquette.  However, it is a strong piece of advice that I give you to finish your drink before you go dance to that new Katy Perry hit.  I am not interested in the stain or dry cleaning bill your Red Bull and Jägermeister leaves after you've spilled it down my back.  Also, glass doesn't bounce back when you drop it because someone bumped into you.  Your broken glass and my open toed shoes do not make great friends.  And using tweezers to pull out shards from my calves is not how I like to start a Sunday morning.

    Rule #3:  Ask someone to dance!

    I remember how nervous I felt the first time I stepped out onto those parquet squares.  But no matter how you gather your courage make sure to always ask someone to dance.  Perhaps you see a lonely person on the sidelines swaying by themselves.  Take the time to offer them into your circle of girlfriends or maybe to dance as a "couple" to that amazing song that just came on.  Remember, this is a SOCIAL activity, so try it out!  And don't be discouraged if you get turned down, your offer will most likely be appreciated no matter the response.  I would much rather prefer a man to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to dance than all of a sudden feeling some mystery crotch on my butt (or the ever popular I'm-going-to-dance-behind-you-and-pretend-we-are-dancing-but-you-don't-know-it move).  

    Rule #4:  No one owns the floor, so lets share it together.

    Keep in mind folks, the bodies on the floor are swirling and mixing it up all over the place.  So don't be upset if someone wants to occupy that space that just opened up next to you.  Granted the drunk girl flinging her hair around isn't the best dance move; but don't get your panties in a twist.  Just twirl yourself out of the way of those long locks whipping you across the face.  Remember, she can't keep it up for forever, and if she does the resounding effects will be extremely entertaining.   

    Rule #5:  It's all about having fun!

    In the end, no matter what, dancing is about having fun.  It doesn't matter if you are moonwalking across the floor or joining in the cupid shuffle, enjoy it!  And don't worry about judgment being passed down by those on the sidelines watching.  If they were so much better then why aren't they out there proving it???  Just remember to be respectful and don't act like an idiot.  Example: don't grab a woman's butt and then pretend you have no idea what happened when she turns around offended.  You never know what kind of trouble you can get yourself into.

    "If you didn't see me then you weren't on the dancefloor"

    For a list of places to dance in Louisville, look here! 

    Photos: Courtesy of Sarah Katherine Davis

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