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    On Fat Fridays, TARC and the neighborhood association sponsoring the Trolley Hop that month always has something exciting in store for you.  This Fat Friday the Frankfort Avenue Business Association (FABA) and TARC Transportation came together with the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center and many local businesses down Frankfort Avenue to provide an evening of relaxation, arts, entertainment and support for the community.

    Previewing at Mellwood this month were 2 new Galleries, The Kore Gallery and Meg Krakowiak Gallery & Studio.

    When I first entered the Kore Gallery I noticed a bright multicolored butterfly hanging on the wall. It wasn’t really big, just really bright, shiny and vibrant. Within about 3 minutes I learned that butterfly was the creation of Deborah Stanley, and she created it out of polymer clay. “Touch it, “she said. I was amazed that an artist wanted someone to touch their work, and I reached out gingerly to touch it, almost like a little girl touching something they weren’t supposed to touch. It was cool to the touch, not smooth, not rough, and not like glass or plastic. It simply does not feel like clay either! It looked more like a stained glass window.

    As I sat down to speak to Deborah I learn that she was a self-taught photographer and sketch artist. She showed me one of her sketches that she was waiting on a patron to pick up; it was stunning. Every line was perfect. The shadowing, shading and marks of the graphite were as if a photo was digitally changed, and the coloring was standing in time.

    Deborah’s artistic talent isn’t the only art showcased in Kore Gallery. Donald Cartwright, whose abstract paintings in acrylic and oil are equally eye catching and the work of unknown artist Yeree Nam’s watercolors. Yeree has a natural eye and talent for painting. Her painting of the yew and lamb is showcased below and I was surprised at the true natural talent. 

    The Kore Gallery, who also features Folk art from Spike Fredrick and Jewelry by Uneena Jackson, was an idea of Artist Donald Cartwright. The 4 permanent artists were already at Mellwood, situated in the back of the Gallery. Each Trolley Hop they found themselves leasing the Gallery they are in now. As a core unit they decided to come together, Spike and Uneena still have another studio at Mellwood, however, the now KORE Gallery is the main Gallery for Donald and Deborah. The Kore Gallery holds many surprises. (Unit A 117) (Complete Information Below)

    In a soft transition, Krakowiak Gallery & Studio is next door to Kore Gallery. Mrs. Krakowiak, whose last name I learned as I spoke with her means (a polish dance) recently moved from Connecticut back to Louisville. She is a self-taught painter and her works are beautiful. The one I favored, “A Hidden Passage” she painted with a pallet knife, a unique form and the painting is showcased below. The Gallery features Meg's original paintings that showcasing her creative compositions "I Like Happy, I Love Beautiful." Meg is a pleasure to talk with and her paintings reflect her calmness and serenity. The Gallery is well lit and bright, it has a pleasant, calm and inviting atmosphere and an almost country, seaside feeling. (Unit A118-A119) (Complete Information Below)

    At the Gallery JanJobe Robbie Moriarty’s Derby Jewelry Trunk Show had both Derby and Equine styles while carrying her classics. Robbie’s handmade jewelry is sparkling and reasonably priced! Gallery JanJobe is a permanent Gallery at Mellwood. (Complete Information Below)

    Enchanted Arts Gallery and Amelia’s Earth Day (Letter’s to the President on how to help our Earth) were impressive. I was equally impressed when I saw the huge paper mache pig and the banner that said, “What’s the Pig Idea?” I haven’t got to figure that one out yet; I have been talking to Amelia about that one so stay tuned because I do know that has a contest involved. They will be accepting PIG ideas for the month of May (until 12 noon on May 25) and will hold the vote for the winner at May 25th Trolley Hop...If you have not gotten an entry form, come by the studio to pick one up, you can also check the website for one. (Complete Information Below)

    PURE Fitness Training was there to give a demonstration using body paint that highlighted the muscle groups that are used when different exercises are done.  Merging fitness and art 'bodies in motion' workout was a unique showing.

    This month’s big show at Mellwood was the "Woman / Horse / Legend / Myth" Opening Reception & Awards. The Gallery M hosted this Derby exhibit and the reception. Opening Derby week; the Woman / Horse / Legend / Myth exhibition challenged artists to depict the female form, the spirit of the horse, and the connection between the two. The exhibits jurors for this exhibition include John Michael Carter, O.P.A. Portraitist; Barbara Klausner of both Horse & Hound Gallery and Klausner Cooperage Gallery; Jane Morgan of the Jane Morgan Gallery; and Walter Lay, MFA Painter and Printmaker. Awards include Best of Show, Second, & Third Place Overall, in addition to varied merit and prize awards.

    The awards were as followed. Best of Show (Burbank & Collins PSC Award) and Best Abstract Interpretation (George Baker Lay Award) – “And the…by the light of the moon” by N. Deborah Hazlett

    Best Figurative (Smith, Greenberg &Moore, PLLC Award “Morgan” by Pam Stockard

    Best Equine (Nancy Creal Burke Award) “Kentucky Wedding V” by Luci Mistranov

    Best Landscape Genre (Jane Morgan Gallery Award) “Silver Light, Silver Horse” by Kathryn B. Gray
    Woman / Horse / Legend / Myth is sponsored by The Figurative Collective, a group of Louisville artists who meet two to three times a week in Studio 210 at Mellwood.

    The Best of Show winner Deborah Hazlett is part of this group. She has a background in art as a costume designer in New York City and is a Designer Technician for Broadway Press. “Working with Katie Burke,” the owner of The Figurative Collective, she says, “is always great, we draw live models and have been doing this for about 6 years and they are really a great group of people to work with.”

    The Figurative Collective is about 30 people and they are also a group that works in the art of plein-air. This is sketching, painting or drawing produced outside in natural light. In the Loft Gallery an exhibit Feelings and Figures had several paintings and sketches from this collective.

    As part of the Fat Friday Trolley Hop the Kaviar Forge Gallery‘s had a reception for the opening of the exhibit of: Figured Out: explorations of the human form

    Craig Kaviar had several pieces exhibiting and was in the Gallery. We usually find him in the forge, among the fires of the kilns and the metals. He had 2 large copper pieces that were forged in the style of the Statue of Liberty. The 1st was Midas & Bacchus and the 2nd Bacchus w/Nymphs & Cupid.

    Lloyd Kelly-of Louisville, KY, also in exhibit at Kaviar, Master’s in Fine Arts.  Kelly has studied art at the Louvre and Tate Gallery in Europe and his Norwegian Model painting on display shows his originality and experience. “I actually hung over the loft to paint this” he told me. The textures and flow of the gown the model is wearing has no flaws, the painting is absolutely perfect. His technique worked and his idea was realistic and yet different. Trios Crayon, “3 crayons” is another work that he exhibits; it is a work on paper.

    There is 7 other artist in the exhibit. Chyre Boardman-Ceramic Sculptor of Alexandria, KY; Claudia Hammer-Fine Arts Painter of Louisville, KY; Clinton Hobart-Fine Arts Painter of Ridgefield, NJ; Sharon Matisoff-Fine Arts Painter of Louisville, KY; Mark Selter- Fine Arts Painter of Lebanon, K; Penny Sisto-Quilter of Floyd Knobs, IN and Sergio Vettori- Glass Artist of Louisville, KY. (Complete Information Below)

    Rounding out the night at Mellwood was live music from JOEY SANDALS. Joey sang and played songs from the 60's - present! As we left Friday night Joey serenaded us one last time to Benny and the Jets and invited everyone to his concert “Playing the best of Billy Joel, Elton John, and the Beatles” on Thursday, April 22 at 7PM and Friday, April 23 at 8PM at Johnny V’s Joey is known as the New York Piano Man.

    Although I didn’t get that far, the Reader’s Corner Bookstore: 2044 Frankfort Avenue: served refreshments and Another Colour Acoustic Duo performed live music on the front porch and at The Irish Rover: 2319 Frankfort Avenue: live Traditional Irish Music Seisuin could be hear coming from inside.

    The Wine Rack: 2632 Frankfort Ave: had live music, wine & cheese sampling and the patronage seemed to flow easily.

    The Comfy Cow: 2221 Frankfort Ave., is displaying children’s artwork from Kosair's Art Therapy program. This is inspiring and moving, something you don’t want to miss.

    Once again Fat Friday Trolley Hop proved to be fun, exciting and drew a lot of resident and patron of the arts, and a few friends out for a great time…leaving us to wonder what next Fat Friday has in store.

    Information on the Business and Galleries for this Trolley Hop is as follows:

    Mellwood Art Center
    1860 Mellwood Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40206
    502.895.3650 (office)
    502.895.3680 (fax)

    KORE GALLERY A-117 @Mellwood

    Deborah Stanley - (502)314-6228    Donald Cartwright – (502)333-4355

    Spike Fredrick – (502)609-7391       Uneena Jackson – (502)299-7400

    Meg Krakowiak Gallery & Studio

    Units A118 & A 119 @ Mellwood


    Gallery JanJobe


    Enchanted Arts Studio

    Suite 155


    Kaviar Forge Gallery

    1718 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY. 40206


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