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    Michael Jackson

    Do stop, we've had enough. Dress up like Jackson and you'll resemble half of mankind too. Whether the look is Jackson when he was still black, Michael-as-zombie from the "Thriller" video or late-stage Michael with a missing nose, someone else will be doing it too--and probably better.

    Sarah Palin

    Former Republican vice presidential candidate and current freelancer (isn't it great?), Sarah Palin, was the popular costume last Halloween. But while in 2008 Palin was going rogue, in 2009 she's gone nearly invisible, communicating only with those people willing to pay her hefty speaking fees or subject themselves to her falsehoods on Facebook.

    So leave your red dress, glasses and imitation of Tina Fey's imitation of Palin at home this year. 

    Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher

    As every doughy middle-aged man in this town has an unhealthy obsession with basketball, it's likely that a lot of them will be eager to play Coach (even if the costume is only funny and timely because Pitino is a sleazeball).

    And Karen Sypher will be the middle-aged women's version of the sexy firefighter or sexy police woman costumes that chicks in their 20s love--an excuse to tramp it up for a night.

    But don't dress up as these two: it'll be overdone, wearing khakis and a polo isn't much of a change of attire for many of the guys and abortions (or health care) aren't free.

    (Yes, I listed Pitino and Sypher as among the top costumes too. But if LEO Weekly readers can rate the Pitino-Sypher story as the most over- and under-reported news stories of the year, I see no reason why I should be bound by consistency.)

    For more info: Interested in good costume ideas? Read "Top three 2009 Halloween costumes for Louisville.

    (Photo: Flickr/manfrys)

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