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    Oh Craigslist. You are weird, you are wacky, and you are wonderful. Here are some of the more interesting posts from Craigslist posters in the Louisville area this past week. Enjoy!

    You're a super cute blond in a gold SUV on I65 Northbound at about 7PM on Labor day.

    Could you be more specific...

    Nude model needed for an outdoor shoot

    “My model for a forest shoot canceled and I'm looking for a replacement. Females only please and pay is negotiable.” Sounds completely safe and not sketchy at all. Takers?

    A Final Goodbye My Lover and Confidant

    “Despite the intense emotional passion we once shared or how spiritually close we may have been, I genuinely hope the universe doesn't deem it necessary to ever cross paths with one another again in the future.”

    A real-life 21st century Shakespeare. Wow. This is better than anything I had to read in High School.

    My personal favorite:

    The guy in a relationship, living with his girlfriend, but asking a female to live with them. “You don’t have to do anything sexually with the female I am with now unless you wanted to…” Okay.

    In need of a new parrot perch?

    Don’t worry. Craigslist has you covered.

    Model training

    Train for $0 to become a Lady Liberty Tax Service model. Because you have to start somewhere, right?

    Missed connection with Eugene the Electrician

    They met years ago at a troubadour bar…

    For $50 you can get the Penthouse collection from 1999- 2006. Just email ‘sugardunky’.

    Until next week, Louisville!

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    2015 University of Louisville graduate. All things social media, marketing, writing, sneakers, photography, music, and a whole lot of coffee.

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