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    Eat & Swig

    Truffle box, courtesy of Cellar Door Chocolates
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    Unless you’re still reeling from the holidays and the new year, you likely know what’s right around the corner: Valentine’s Day. As of today, you have ten days to get your shopping done - flowers and sweets wait for no man (or woman), so time to get in gear and save yourself the shame of being unprepared. If you have a chocolate lover in your life (and really, who doesn’t?) then there’s one spot you need to put on your list as soon as possible: Cellar Door Chocolates.

    Buttercreams and Cordials

    They’ve prepared several new flavors of chocolate buttercreams that are absolutely amazing, and would sure to go over well with whomever you’re buying for. I had a chance to sample some of the seasonal treats behind the counter, and there aren’t any that will disappoint.

    Three of the new buttercreams are a Dumante (a pistachio liqueur), Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant) and Amaretto - all three absolutely amazing. Like a lot of the Cellar Door treats, they’re airbrush-colored, but these feature a drizzle of paint-like topping as well, adding another level and look of quality and care to them. Everything Cellar Door makes has the air of professional quality that makes them outstanding, and these are no exception.

    There is also an amazing cherry cordial made with Evan Williams Bourbon - I love cordials, but these take a top ranking spot for me: just enough bourbon flavor without being overpowering. The cordial and the buttercreams have a 55% cacao dark chocolate exterior, which does a wonderful job of contrasting with the incredible sweetness of the internals - just enough cocoa bitterness to temper the delightful sweet of the rest.

    The Hot Damn - note the amazing bottom covered in carbonated sugar

    The top item - in my opinion - has to be the Hot Damn Buttercream. It’s cinnamon-infused and the bottom of the dark-chocolate is covered in carbonated sugar, and eating it is simply amazing. The closest thing I can liken it to is an atomic fireball wrapped in chocolate and dipped in pop rocks. It’s one of the most magical chocolates I’ve ever had, and anyone who feels a hankering for a candy flashback with a touch of class and an improved flavor would be remiss without some of these. The downside? They’ll be gone after Valentine’s Day, so stock up with a box or two. If the carbonated sugar sounds interesting, however, you’re in luck. Cellar Door is launching a chocolate bar with a carbonated bottom next week.

    There’s also the standard V-Day fare: boxed chocolates, heart-shaped bits and bites and romantically-themed edibles. If you’re feeling like changing up your usual selection, you could go with one of their amazing anatomically correct chocolate hearts - what better way to reinvent the basic staple of the holiday.

    They've also brought back the customer favorite love bug boxes! 

    The amaretto, Dumante and bourbon cordial will be hanging around for good, so if you’re worried about getting your taste buds on those don’t be concerned - the success of those flavors has earned them a place in Cellar Door’s staples category. If you want to get any of their other Valentine’s Day selections (including the Hot Damn, which is the greatest thing ever), hurry up - they’ll be available for a week after the 14th, and then they’re gone until next year.

    Photos courtesy of Cellar Door Chocolates.

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