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    Eat & Swig

    Cellar Door's Christmas Offerings
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    If Halloween means it’s time for huge bags of bite-sized candy bars, then Christmas means it’s time for chocolate that actually gets you excited. Put away those two-inch long Butterfingers and get out the good stuff - truffles, bourbon balls, peppermint bark and milk chocolate so silky it’s like eating a block of liquid holiday cheer. Where does one go to get such wonders in Louisville? Why,

    Cellar Door Chocolates

    of course.

    Erika Chavez-Graziano and her crew of chocolatiers are hard at work to meet the demands of chocolate connoisseurs this holiday season, but fortunately I was able to sneak a peek - and a taste - at what’s out for the holidays, and you should probably be jealous if you haven’t been to Butchertown Market to see them lately.

    There are two special truffles out for the season, and they are amazing. The holiday traditional peppermint is made with real oils, and tastes fantastic. The second truffle is the real show-stopper: licorice. Made with real licorice oil, it’s life-changing. I know licorice is a polarizing taste, but if you or anyone you care about likes it then you’re robbing them of joy by depriving them of this truffle.

    If you’re a lover of peppermint bark (and who isn’t?), then Cellar Door is going to one-up your expectations: Oreo Peppermint Bark. It’s incredibly delicious, and would make an amazing stocking stuffer if paired with some holiday-themed chocolate suckers. M

    aybe fudge is more your style? Well, there’s a Mexican Hot Chocolate fudge this season. Infused with cayenne pepper and cinnamon means it’s spicy as well, so you’ve got the spicy-food fans covered too. Speaking of hot chocolate, you can get hot chocolate-on-a-stick too - just swirl it into some hot milk and you’ve got yourself a


    version of some of the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted.

    In case you’re not conveniently able to get to the Butchertown area of Louisville, Cellar Door has a location at Oxmoor Mall, and this Friday they’re opening a new free-standing store right next to Starbucks. They’ll be serving hot chocolate on site, as well as dipping chocolates and selling all of their holiday and year-round fare.

     Cellar Door Chocolates will be open from 10-6 Monday-Saturday and 12-4 on Sundays, and the


    location is open whenever the mall is. They’ll also ship anywhere in any quantity - just make sure you give them a three-day lead time for the order.

    Cover photo courtesy of Cellar Door's facebook page

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