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    Valentine’s Day is arguably the most stressful holiday of the year. After choosing the perfect date destination, getting dressed up in an expensive special occasion outfit and morphing your unruly hair into a once in a lifetime glamorous up-do or man bun, the exhaustion is almost too real to enjoy yourself, let alone the one you love.

    So this Valentine’s Day, instead of stressing to sweep your lover off their feet with the date itself, focus on your Valentine’s Day meal instead. Certain foods put us in certain moods, and if you choose the right dish, focusing on your love rather than stress will be much easier. We’re talking about the science of natural aphrodisiacs here. And we at know just where to find the most popular and delicious kinds this Valentine’s Day.   



    Not only is this deliciously smooth fruit the perfect replenishing post-workout snack, it's also the perfect food to energize your entire body. And according to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, this result is likely due to its high concentration of Vitamin E. Extra guacamole, please! 

    Vietnam Kitchen
    5339 Mitscher Ave, 502-363-7535

    Finish off an authentic Vietnamese dish with an original avocado milkshake. This is a dessert your body will actually thank you for. 

    Guaca Mole
    9921 Ormsby Station Road, 502-365-4822

    This restaurant got its name for a reason. With three different types of guacamole, it's nearly impossible to choose just one. 

    2039 Frankfort Avenue, 502-894-9501

    If you're trying to stay on the lighter side but still need that extra dose of Vitamin E, you can't go wrong with sushi. Try an avocado roll at this Clifton treasure.


    Image: Courier-Journal
    This small sea dweller is loaded with zinc, which is medically suggested to increase fertility and the production of hormones. So open up those moist towelettes and light those candles! 

    Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse 
    101 Whittington Pkwy, 502-429-8000
    115 S. 4th Street, 502-855-8000

    You can't go wrong with an order of Z's Oysters Rockefeller smothered in creamy hollandaise with bacon and a side of this restaurant's Steamed Asparagus Pecan. 

    Doc Crow's Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar
    127 W. Main Street, 502-587-1626

    This downtown gem offers the best seasonal oysters in the city. Flown in fresh from across the country, raw food has never been this good. 

    Jack Fry's 
    1007 Bardstown Road, 502-452-9244

    Think romance doesn't go well with deep fried seafood? This restaurant's spicy fried oysters will make you think again. 



    It's no secret that eating chocolate makes you feel amazing. And according to recent research, there could be a very specific reason why. Chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is closely related to the hormone that gives us that loving feeling. So indulge in dessert and leave the rest to your hormones. 

    721 E. Market Street, 502-690-8645
    1215 Herr Lane #101, 502-690-6001

    There's no better Valentine's Day gift than a local limited edition special heart box of chocolates!

    Cellar Door Chocolates
    1201 Story Avenue, 502-561-2940

    Chocolate truffles on chocolate truffles on chocolate truffles. 

    Muth's Candies
    630 E. Market Street, 502-585-2952

    This candy supplier has been making Valentine's Day dreams come true for nearly 95 years. Celebrate your timeless love with timeless treats. 


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