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    The proprietors of Mussel & Burger Bar, El Taco Luchador, and Guaca Mole are opening The Place Downstairs, a more upscale restaurant in the basement of their already thriving Mussel & Burger Bar, tonight. One of our readers, the ever-vigilant Jacob Miller, was gracious enough to share the details of his preview evening with us (along with pictures!).

    “This place is going to be the best place in town. You can quote me on that. We went to the kitchen where Fernando Martinez was behind the line with the small crew testing ticket times... He stopped and said 'Hi', showed us the tiny kitchen and talked to us for a moment.

    We were then taken out to look at the decor and were told to take a seat. At one table there was already a salad and soup, and he told us to give them a taste, nobody was hungry because they had been practicing all day. So we sat down, and he brought us forks and we began. Holy sh*t, so amazing. Then, out of nowhere, more food was brought out. And more, and more and more. We were given full sized entrees, a soup, a salad, and three apps. A total of 12 items altogether. Basically the entire menu.

    Ranged from duck rillettes, duck breast with lentils, an Iberico ham plate, pork stuffed with chorizo with Brussels sprouts and butternut squash, filet with horseradish creme fraiche, scallops with a vanilla parsnip puree, stuffed Cornish hen with black truffle gnocchi and baby carrots, mussels, a vegetable conserve served with sappori creme cheese, the salad was greens, radish and a cheese I don't remember but resembled fresh mozz with a sage pesto, butternut bisque with a cinnamon foam, and foie gras....  Easily one of the best nights I've experienced in my 4 years here.

    They officially open on March 27, and are using open table to start the first night, get your reservation in now. As soon as possible.You are gonna love it. You'll never want to leave.”

    Make sure to check out The Place Downstairs this weekend! 

    Photos within article courtesy of Jacob Miller. Cover photo courtesy of The Place Downstairs' facebook page.

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