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    Revelry's new storefront
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    If you’re even tangentially aware of Louisville’s amazing local art scene, chances are you’ve heard of

    Revelry gallery

    . Owned and operated by Louisville native Mo McKnight Howe, Revelry has been an important piece of Louisville’s art culture for almost four years, situated for most of that time on Barrett Avenue in Germantown. The gallery recently completed an ambitious and fast-paced move to Market Street in NuLu, moving into a space nearly double the size of the Barrett location - and they did it all in three days.

    “We closed down and moved as fast as possible,” McKnight Howe says, “and we were open for Derby week right on schedule.” She says that friends and family were worried that a huge move to a much more expensive space would be dangerous for her business, but that didn’t stop her. “I decided that I didn’t want to be thinking back in several years wishing I had done it, so I went for it.” And what effect has the move had on business? “It’s been night and day,” she laughed.

    The new space is absolutely beautiful, with wide-open windows and plenty of room, giving it a much more full-yet-spacious feeling that the old location lacked. If you’ve been to the Barrett location, you surely noticed the wall-to-wall displays - it’s the same on Market, but with a much brighter and approachable aesthetic. The back room is still reserved for the featured artist’s show - currently Pallet Works by

    Bobby Hinkel

    - but is much more spacious and minimally furnished - a nice bench in the middle is all that takes from the art on the walls.

    The gallery space is also set to rotate monthly to feature new artists, with sculptor

    Matt Weir

    coming in on August 16th - also Revelry’s four year anniversary. To celebrate Weir’s new show and four years of collected local art at Revelry there will be an event that’s free and open to the public starting at 6 p.m. that night. The evening will feature a DJ, food and drinks and some amazing art, both by Weir and others.

    If you haven’t been out to Revelry’s new location, you owe it to yourself to take the trip. If you need even more incentive, McKnight Howe and company are participants in

    First Fridays

    , staying open late into the night, often well after other participating locations have closed.

    If you liked Revelry on Barrett, you’ll love it on Market. Stop in, say hi to the resident pooch, and check out some amazing local art. You won’t be disappointed.

    Photos courtesy of Revelry Boutique / Mo McKnight Howe

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