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    Amy Chase enjoys getting people excited about art and has found that Louisville is just the place to do it. As the ceramics instructor and studio manager at Spot5 Art Studio, she provides a fun, laid-back environment for those of all ages and ability to learn.
    Chase enjoys pottery because, “Whether you're throwing on the wheel or manipulating the clay by hand, it's a medium that allows you to naturally unwind and express yourself. There’s nothing you can’t make out of clay and most of the time all you need is your hands.”
    Equipoise, Impression Series
    When she’s not teaching others, Chase produces art for both her sculptural and functional lines. Her work often investigates the relationships between objects. Built meticulously by hand, she pushes and pulls the walls of her forms to establish a sense of volume. When it comes to designing her art, Chase uses a syringe to individually place each spike and works with silk screens to create vivid patterns.
    Nested Vase, Impression Series
    Most of the colors and patterns she chooses stem from things that remind her of her childhood. Each piece draws from her experiences, in an attempt to depict specific relationships and environments. In the early stages of her career, Chase’s work incorporated large spikes almost as a form of defense. “As I progressed, I turned them into more delicate, tiny spikes. So you could get close and want to touch them, but doing so could still hurt you. Through the years I’ve softened them into bumps. So maybe I’ve let my defenses down and it’s evolved into something less intrusive.”
    Cup and Saucer, Functional Series 
    It was as an undergrad at Murray State University, that Chase found her love of ceramics. “I decided that if I’m going to college I might as well have fun with it, and that’s how art happened.” Now working in Louisville, she describes the art scene as being made up of a “tight knit group of people” and enjoys how strongly the community supports its local artists.
    Tufted Cups, Functional Series 
    Having just finished a show at The Green Building Gallery, Chase is currently taking a break from exhibitions and focusing on filling orders and stocking galleries. You can access her work online, or here in Louisville at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Revelry Boutique Gallery, Consider Boutique and Gadabout Gallery and Artisan Shoppe, across the river in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
    Interested in getting your hands dirty? Play for a day with Amy Chase at Spot5 Art Studio
    All photos are courtesy of Amy Chase's Website. 


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