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    When it comes to shows I really get charged for I'm a total spaz.  Obnoxiously posting songs on the nerdbook, quoting lyrics, one of the first people that has to get in the venue even when it's a reserved seat affair, the lot.  Last night started no different.  In a delightful twist of fate I happen to pop into a local staple on 4th street and ran into Josh Homme himself.  Yes, really.  Now, I'm not normally one to get star-struck but was a bit surprised, more than anything, having just finished hearing 'Hot Legs' by Rod Stewart on WFPK.  During his brief stint dj'ing, with Sean Cannon, he gave some grand insight into how he musically thinks.  

    'Visceral is not what I really want.  I want to touch it, taste it, feel it, lick it, so now I'd like to play 'Hot Legs' by Rod Stewart.  Like it, love it, live it'.  

    Mixing some old songs with some newer stuff gave some appreciation for the sounds as a whole, how they compliment each other, and just continue to rock out.  That and his penchant for tequila even in the land of bourbon.  Of course I didn't get to meet him at the show, as some lucky sap did during a ticket giveaway, but like clockwork our paths crossed nonetheless.

    Bit disappointed in you Villionaires (that means Louisville residents for my international readers) for not coming out in more force, however.  We're not only talking about some of the greatest, most resilient rockers of our time, but a Billboard #1 act!  Bruno Mars, not that there's anything wrong with that ('Call Me Maybe', eh Sean Bailey?), sells out the Yum! Center so I know you can do better.  

    Once they took the stage though, that mix of 'old and new sounds' talked to the amped crowd in a glorious delivery of songs.  This was my first time witnessing QOTSA in all of their might and the power with which they cranked out songs was thunderous.  I'm a pretty big deal, well I don't have to tell you that, but I saw a slew of friendly faces last night and they all were blown away by the performance.  Well except one fella who thought the sound was a bit sub par, but otherwise not a down trodden soul in the house. These guys are professionals, are still cranking out pure goodness, and if you don't go see them the next time you have a chance then you deserve to be un-followed on Twitter and defreinded on the nerdbook by everyone.

    Photo credit: Max Sharp (thievery will subject you to formal NSA inquiries into your texting and picture sharing behavior, that's right YOU, because ain't nobody got time for that!)

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