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    Bit to Do

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    Upon first entering Idea Festival, one can't help but notice a yellow structure. I walked in and thought "That's new and strange; Idea Festival has added fair food."  I thought it was a food vendor due to the "Tamales" sign  at the top of the structure. Upon closer look, I realized it was a store art piece of sorts and on even closer inspection, realized I could go INTO the art exhibit.

    Owned by 21C,  Okay Mountain Corner Store was created by Austin based art collective Okay Mountain. When I visited the store it was being manned by employee  artist Carlos Rosales-Silva.

    The store was full of  items created or altered by the artists, such as "Muhfuckin Cat Food", "Butt powder" and "Evil in a box". It was a depressing but  funny look at the American mindset on urban culture and what we consume.

    Knowing my deathly aversion to pickles, I couldn't help but feeling like the gods were laughing at me today as I stared in horror at the drink dispenser for "Pickle" and "Diet Pickle" drinks. It is probably the first time I have almost barfed on an art exhibit.

    To make the exhibit complete, visitors can take home a circular ad that lists all of the defunct items for sale in the store. (The items are really for sale as well - you can take a bigger piece of this art exhibit home).  

    I would suggest stopping by to see it and grabbing a circular! It's something you can share with friends at parties for years to come.  It is in the lobby of the Kentucky Arts Center, and you don't have to have an Idea Festival ticket to see it. 

    Two major thumbs up to the Okay Mountains guys.

    Enjoy the slideshow below.

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