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    Corey Wood is co-founder of Elixir Kombucha. He lives in the Highlands.

    A local restaurant people would be surprised to know you’ve never tried?

    “Varanese. It’s been on the local bucket list for a while.”

    What’d you eat for breakfast today?

    “Quills coffee, a blueberry muffin Lärabar and a banana.”

    What did you eat for dinner last night?

    “Zucchini noodle pad thai and our Gonzofruit kombucha (grapefruit/hibiscus/orange peel).”

    What’s in your freezer right now?

    “Louisville Cream pineapple jerk ice cream, ahi tuna, Trader Joe’s pot stickers, Trader Joe’s hash browns, Trader Joe’s chicken.”

    Where are you a regular?

    “Morris’ Deli. Chicken salad on croissant, with kettle chips.”

    What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other?

    “Lamb ribs and truffle mac at Hammerheads.”

    Favorite cereal?

    “Not big on cereal. The kid version of me says Cap’n Crunch.”

    If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

    “Sounds like a terrible existence. If I have to choose: Carolina Reaper hot chili pepper. Very small chance of actually being eaten.”

    If you were a fruit, what would you be?

    “Maybe a kumquat? No one actually eats those, right? It’s more of a fun word than a fruit.”

    Last drink you had?

    “Moxie at Mile Wide Beer Co.”

    First drink you ever had?

    “Busch Light I snuck from my stepdad. Drank it on my buddy’s roof and pretended to be fine with how it tasted, but I remember thinking: This must be what urine tastes like.”

    Best-bang-for-your-buck bar?

    “Drinkswell. $4 pints!”

    What makes a good drinking buddy?

    “Likes to talk about space, the nature of consciousness, drum machines and/or conspiracy theories.”

    What cures your hangover?

    “Excedrin, coffee, kombucha and peppermint essential oil applied to abdomen, forehead and temples.”

    This originally appeared in the February 2018 issue of Louisville Magazine. To subscribe to Louisville Magazineclick here. To find us on newsstands, click here.

    Cover Photo: Elixir Kombucha // Facebook

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