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    Aerine Mountain co-founded MountainFit Wellness on Brownsboro Road, which focuses on plant-based eating.

    A local restaurant people would be surprised to know you’ve never tried?

    “Check’s Cafe.”

    What’s in your freezer?

    “Coconut cream ice cream, frozen berries, peas, cauliflower pizza crust, an ice pack.”

    What ingredient do you use more than any other?

    “Berbere spice. Delicious with lentils.”

    Where are you a regular?

    “Grape Leaf. Love their house salads, cauliflower shawarma and hummus.”

    What Louisville dish have you eaten more than any other?

    “El Mundo margaritas…and their spicy bean tacos.”

    What closed Louisville restaurant do you miss the most?

    “Joe Davola’s. Miss those tasty sandwiches.”

    What’s always in your refrigerator?

    “A large jar of minced garlic.”

    Favorite cereal?

    “Whole Foods wheat-free granola.”

    Open your refrigerator. What’s the first thing you see?

    “Stoney Ginger Beer, a South African favorite.” (Aerine’s husband and business partner, James, is originally from South Africa.)

    If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

    “Sweet potato. We like to be in the dirt for prolonged periods of time and get sweeter when we’re warmed up.”

    If you were a fruit, what would you be?

    “Mango. We have a solid core and like being by the beach.”

    Last drink you had?

    “Copper & Kings brandy on the rocks.”

    First drink you ever had?

    “Spiked fruit punch at my parents’ Christmas party with my best friend. We didn’t know it was spiked. It was fun.”

    Favorite cheap beer?

    “PBR. Are there others?”

    What cures your hangover?

    “Green berry smoothies.”

    Cover photo: MountainFit Wellness // Facebook // My Fit Station

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