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    Disney’s Newsies has finally made it to Louisville! Winner of multiple Tony and Drama Desk awards, Newsies is a hit with audiences everywhere. Young and old will enjoy the tale of teenager Jack Kelly as he teams up with his fellow newsies to go on strike when newspaper giant Pullitzer raises the price of newspapers. With the help of a rag tag team of boys, a few close friends, and a smart young reporter, Kelly finds himself in the middle of a revolution. When the going gets tough, will he stay true to his ideals? Find out when you see Newsies!

    Newsies has been nominated for many awards, but it won the Tony and Drama Desk award for choreography. It is very apparent why! Choreographer Christopher Gattelli took staple jazz and ballet moves like leaps, pique turns, and fouette turns and formed them into amazing routines that display the dancers’ immense strength and talent. Newsies also won the Tony and Drama Desk award for music. Disney musical giant Alan Menken provided the score with Jack Feldman providing the lyrics. A huge fan of Menken myself, I can honestly say the music doesn’t disappoint for fans of his style. His beautiful love songs mixed with loud, rebellious ballads are exactly what this play needs.

    The actors for this production don’t disappoint either. Dan DeLuca plays the main character Jack Kelly with a perfect combination of wise-cracking New Yorker and lovable dreamer. Jacob Kemp plays Davey as a nervous “brains of the operation” newsie. You can read more about Kemp in my interview with him here. The real star of the show is Davey’s little brother Les played by Vincent Crocilla. This youngster has better comedic timing and delivery than many A-list actors. He was definitely an audience favorite and had the crowd in an uproar of laughter at every turn. The entire cast and company has been perfectly cast in their role with each person like a piece of a puzzle.

    My two favorite numbers were “Carrying the Banner” and “King of New York.” “Carrying the Banner” is an energetic tune and sets the mood for the entire play while “King of New York” is an intricate tap dance number. Don’t go to the bathroom on these songs! You definitely don’t want to miss them.

    Another amazing feat this play has to offer is the set. This may sound strange, but the set for this play is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Its construction seems simple at first, but it is actually extremely complicated and well-engineered. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished with what looks like a few rafters.   

    Newsies will run until Sunday, November 23rd with evening and some matinee performances. Tickets start at just $28. Visit the Kentucky Center website for more information about showtimes and tickets, and don’t miss Newsies this week!  

    Broadway Across America is such a great asset to our city. Louisvillians have the opportunity to see Broadway caliber plays in our own backyard. Up next in their schedule is Once, the winner of the Tony award for best musical in 2012. Check back tomorrow for a preview of Once.

    Newsies photos provided by Matthew Porter of Broadway Across America. Once photo from

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