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    An amazing place to get food cooked from local venders and that tastes amazing is at a restaurant called Harvest (624 E. Market St). The food there is incredible, fresh, and smells wonderful. The atmosphere is just as amazing; I think it is a great place to go out with the loved ones or a night with friends. Although, I took my daughter with me for dinner but really wasn’t impressed with the kids menu. Although the restaurant had everything there for kids to stay entertained and seating available to them; not my first pick for a healthy dinner with lots of nutrients. But for adults, this place is amazing!

    For dinner I ate the pretzel bread gnocchi, red wine fennel sausage, roasted butternut, with grilled blue dog bread. This was one whole dish and was a thicker soup consistency. When I calculated the calories it came to be around 550 for the meal (I could be wrong on those calculations though). I have a phone application that lets me look up size and item,  it is called "calorie count fat secret" on the iPhone. This was a good dinner, but if you’re on a diet you probably won’t find a lot to eat that is low calorie; at least the night I went. The reason I say the night I went is because the menu is frequently changing.

    The variety of this menu is amazing as well.  My friend ended up getting the burger (236) with chevre (103, goat cheese), lettuce (2), pretzel bun (230) and chips (137). This is a total of 708 calories. Again this is my calculations and I might be off. Beef is very high in calories this is why it isn’t considered a healthy meat. This sandwich had hog jowl bacon jam on it, my friend asked to not have it put on though. On the menu there is enough variety that a vegetarian would be able to eat there without having to get a salad.

    The wonderful thing about the changing of this menu is that the customer always gets the best foods grown at the time of year they are eating at this location. Nothing that is out of season is seen on the menu. In turn this helps the farmers around Kentucky. So this place is helping the economy as well as fueling a healthy lifestyle. Just remember that no matter where you go you can run into foods that are high in calories so just be conscious of what types of foods you’re eating and the portions you’re eating as well.

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    About Kathleen Quinn

    First and foremost I'm a mom. I'm also a recent graduate from the University of Louisville and love to cook! Especially healthy foods.

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