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       With airborne pollen at a seasonal high in the area, symptoms such as bedeviling sneezes, swollen eyes, and runny noses plague many Louisville residents. However, a tasty and all-natural cure can help active Louisvillians get back to the city’s many outdoor offerings.

      The FDA estimates that 36 million Americans suffer from ‘hay fever’ or seasonal allergies. Inhaling pollen- that is being spread by the blossoming flowers and trees- kicks our bodies into protective-mode, causing the release of histamine, a chemical that is part of the natural immune-system response. This is where over-the-counter remedies, called antihistamines, come into play. They are usually quite effective, but generally cause undesirable side-effects such as drowsiness and nasal irritation. Thus, an all-natural alternative to minimize these side-effects is ideal.

       Since honeybees are connoisseurs of the very plant- pollens that cause seasonal allergies, immunity can be built up to the airborne pollen over a period of time by indulging in the honey bees produce. A tablespoon a day is sufficient. Be sure to seek out local honey, as its contents mimic the local pollen climate. Check out your local Rainbow Blossom Foods for its various selections. So remember, this spring: Buy Local, Eat Local, and Stay Allergy-Free!


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    I'm a writer, dancer, daughter, sister,foodie, health nut, and a proud Louisvillian. I am currently a student at Bellarmine University, and am hoping to graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Health Sciences

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