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    Bit to Do

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    After a long week of free shows all across the city, things in the live music scene are slowing down a bit, but not too much. There’s still a ton of cool happenings to get down to this week! 

    Tuesday (2/2)

    Headliners Music Hall
    Psychobilly? Well, you’ve got my attention! This show looks like a hell of a good time.


    Wednesday 2/3

    Mercury Ballroom
    A band keeping the reggae rock spirit alive, even though it’s a tribute, you’d still catch me singing along.
    The New Vintage
    A show promising high energy! 

    Thursday (2/4)

    The New Vintage
    You’ll get a dose of an Americana blend from Patrick Sweany with locals, Discount Guns, opening with a bluesy punch.

    Clifton Center
    This will be a night filled with classic, storytelling blues. 

    Friday (2/5)

    KFC Yum! Center
    According to Urban Dictionary, the definition for Carrie Underwood is as follows, “(verb) to completely destroy someone's vehicle, especially by means of a baseball bat or key.” All jokes and Louisville Sluggers aside, I’m a little jelly I didn’t get tickets. I’m not a country pop fan, but I bet the show will be a great time, especially with a large overpriced beer and awesome stage tricks.

    A great local line up showcasing our city’s creativity and talent.

    Haymarket Whiskey Bar
    Another local/regional line up. I’m really digging Voodoo Economics, but I need to get out and see them live. Perhaps this night is the night.
    The New Vintage
    Here’s a serious rock band from Canada. Not really my deal, but I’m hey, who says it isn’t yours.

    St. Joseph Catholic Church
    These guys are “playing music the way it should have been played all along,” or so they claim. Squeeze-Bot is comprised of an accordion, tuba, banjo, and toy drums. On Friday night they’re hosting a prom so that you can relive or redo your favorite high school dance.
    Modern Cult Records
    A strangely good noise band that’s a little freaky, but something different and that’s refreshing. 

    Fat Box
    The Hideaway Saloon
    Groovy tunes for a groovy cat.

    Saturday (2/6)

    Louis’s the Ton
    Billy Goat Strut Revue is a blast from the past. I’ve seen the “antique jazz” group in the bourbon lodge at Forecastle and at Louisville Magazine’s Swig. They’re amazing to watch and dance too.

    Former Foxygen drummer, Diana Coffee, aka Shaun Fleming will play his glam pop tunes Saturday night. He’s got a David Bowie meets Vampire Weekend vibe.

    Lexington musician, James Friley, and his band, Idiot Glee, have been gaining some attention with their new album. The songs are soft with a subtle pop. It’s nothing to head bang too, more of a slow groove to move your head too.

    The New Vintage
    All local bands here. It’s Mighty Auroch’s final show; I imagine it will be LOUD. 


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