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    How to Break Up With Your Bar
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    I know it can be tough, it’s never an easy decision when you have to break up with your favorite bar.  But either way, if you leave them or they leave you, there is a way to get past it.  When Meat all of a sudden disappeared one day back in early April I was devastated.  Usually it’s the other way around; either way you are left with a gap in your life.  Where do you go?  What do you do?  Here is what I’ve learned from my heartbreak over one of the finest bars in Louisville:


    See this as an opportunity to try new things!

    There are plenty of things to do during the week besides hit up that same old watering hole.  Try something different for a change!  There is a lot going on in Louisville; why not try a new restaurant?  Rye and Decca not only have superb food but also great bars that will serve you tasty beverages.  Or for something more low key but still fun there is the pinball tournament at Zanzabar on Tuesday nights (a personal favorite of mine).  For $5 you can compete against some of Louisville’s most skilled players for a chance at glory and fame all while partaking in the libations that are available.  


    Try to find a replacement

    There is a reason why you loved that bar, something drew you to it.  Either the cocktails, the crowd, or the atmosphere; there was something that you just loved about that bar.  Try to find those same great qualities in other bars around town.  I have found that 21C has some amazing and talented bartenders.  Every tried their “Lazy Eye”?  If you love bourbon then I highly suggest this concoction.  A twist on the Old Fashion and a little sweeter, but still incredible.  AND it’s a great place if you are looking for a more upscale bar to socialize at.


     Make your own swanky refreshments!

    So you can’t find the right bar to hit the spot, then why not make your own amazing barroom out of your living room?  I’m serious!  It’s not hard, and will probably cost you just as much to buy the ingredients for a couple concoctions versus paying someone else to make them.  Invite your friends over, maybe ask them to bring some supplies to help with the cost.  Learn how to make one or two of your favorite drinks and serve it up for everyone!  Make it special and ask people to dress up, why wait for that great bar to reveal itself?


    There is always a new venture right around the corner!

    Never fear, Louisville is a wonderful city that is always expanding.  So even if an amazing bar closes, there is still hope that a new one will open up.  Like the new bar opening up today at 9pm,


    !  This former strip club at 425 W. Chestnut St. is now a soon-to-be pre-prohibition cocktail bar that serves up drinks with their own special twist.  It is also said they will have French wines and a non-alcoholic drink menu.  I’m so excited for this place to open I can hardly wait!

    Photos Courtesy of: Meat, Zanzabar, Proof on Main, Meta, and Lauren O'Neil

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