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    Throughout Louisville, many LGBT-friendly bars and organizations exist and cater to patrons from all walks of life. One bar in particular, Purrswayations, offers an eclectic atmosphere welcoming all people. Most importantly, they now produce a kick-ass "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

    Although the Preston Street bar is more commonly known as a lesbian hangout, there was a diverse group of people in attendance for Purrswaysions' "Rocky Horror Picture Show" when I attended last week. While waiting for the production to begin, my friends and I shot a few games of pool, darts and guzzled a few gin and tonics ; the drinks were reasonably priced and distributed by the friendliest and talkative bartender.

    We sat in the front row in (shivering in....) anticipation for the start of the classic RHPS production. We were greeted by the one-and-only Felicia D. Knight for a quick drag performance to get the party started. Of course, she humorously nagged on a few attendees, including my friends. I don’t think Felicia knew my companions would hop onstage to scream the flakiest orgasm they could to a room full of strangers when pried, but they did, and they loved every minute of it.

    Finally, the classic lips appeared onstage (played by Alana Montgomery) and it was time.

    If you’ve never seen a live performance of "Rocky Horror Picture Show," let me explain the basics. RHPS is a cult classic because of the unique mix of performance art, film, and audience participation that movie fans have crafted over the years. The entire movie projects onto a blank screen, while actors stand in front of the playing film in full costume lip-syncing and acting out the entire film. The cast always involves the audience, who are expected to get on their feet and shout out specific commentary through the performance. 

    Felicia D. Knight, who played the role of the mischievous and evil Dr. Frankenfurter, has participated in 10 RHPS productions.“All as the director/producer and as Dr. Frankenfurter,” she says. “I also wrote/directed/produced a play about my life story after my experience at exodus/crossover ministries (x-gay camp) called ‘On the D-List’.” Knight also acted as a director and makeup artist for Baxter Ave Morgue production as well as The Alley Theater, OVW Wrestling and Fern Valley Road Warehouse.

    “RHPS is a chance for everyone to just cut loose and I think since we just had a huge trans awareness event, it would be a good time to play it and I think every city needs it,”

    The show was such a success, Purrswayations is considering adding further productions in the future, possibly in the month of October. The cast and audience of that Saturday night last week hopes to see more productions, and a growing following in Louisville for RHPS.“There will be more showings however dates undetermined," says Knight.

    As a gay man in Louisville, I usually keep to my Highland Bar comfort zone - as a Louisville native, I've been searching for a RHPS production, and I'm so thankful to have found one where everyone has fun. Everyone in the audience was full of laughter and energy and left with smiles on their faces. Visiting Purrswayations broadened my social horizon and helped me form new relationships.

    Returning to the free-spirited Purrswayations stands high on my priority list.

    As Frankenfurter says, “Don’t dream it, be it!”


    Felicia D Knight (Courtney Hardin) — Dr. Frankenfurter

    Matt Sexton — Dr. Scott

    Alana Montgomery — Lipps

    Ethan Hoverman — Brad

    Christina Henderson-Test — Janet

    Rachael Blunk — Magenta

    Eva Dystruction — Columbia

    Dustin DeBoer — Rocky

    Erica Lord-Rednour — Eddie

    Zackery Roberts — Riff Raff

    Tabitha Thomas— Criminologist


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