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    Bit to Do

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    "Diddle was the perfect lesbian. "Even her nickname was perfect. Lil. Lil. Lil Lil Lil Lil. By saying it over and over again, she mastered a secret in lesbian lovemaking."

    Thus begins the naughty journey one experiences when listening to the delightful audio book titled "Hey Diddle Diddle." It's "not the nursery rhyme you think you know" as the CD cover says. The book is written and narrated by Marie C. Davis, who has a playful and engaging voice while new chapters are noted by harmonica by Christi Stevens. I'm pretty sure that the narration could just be a line of filth and still ensnare me, because Marie's voice has such a joyful lilt. If seeing an ankle was porn during the victorian age, this book would make great old time AM radio porn.

    Although erotic in nature, I refuse to describe the tales as dirty. They are just too cute. Diddle is an adorable peek into the world of a couple of women that throws guilt aside. Diddle is a butch handywoman who has a lactose-intolerant cow named Elsa for a neighbor, whose first mentioned target of lustful affection is Neil Armstrong.  This story is definitely an adult story but is certainly not empty of thought. It has many beautiful lines such as "Even a handywoman as adept as Lil can not fix a wandering soul."

    The tale takes you through a circus of characters like  a lusty spoon, a naughty bowl, mistress collandar, boxing classical notes, chocolate eyes, cinnamon lips, panty snatching bears, a distant moon, redheads in gingham panties, and strip poker playing cows. This symphony of creativity is delivered eloquently, endearing the characters to the listener. I’m left a  little envious. All my special time with myself should be accompanied by whirling dervish fireflies enchanted by the music of a feral cat violinist. I fear my words don’t convey the beauty of Marie’s writing. 

    Davis is also a poet and is near the release of a creative I-pad application titled Spoon in the Moon, which mixes her illustrations, music, poetry and more. She has obviously never learned the fine art of self parenting. How dare she leave her imagination undisciplined and allow it to run wild, raising ruckus,  inspiring desire,  and causing fires in the hearts of all it has chance to meet? 

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    About Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn has been writing for since fall of 2010 and has also been published in LEO, Velocity, Voice-Tribune and others after serving as Editor in Chief of The JCC student newspaper, The Quadrangle. She has also served as columnist or contributing writer to an array of online publications.

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