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    Dish on Market
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    Trying to find healthy food can be aggravating; especially when there are so many chain restaurants around saying they serve healthy food. But what most people don’t realize is that those restaurants healthy foods are high in calories. The servings are too big and contain a lot of calories that end up hurting rather than helping. I have a phone application that lets me look up size and item,  it is called "calorie count fat secret" on the iPhone, this has helped me to accurately calculate the calories in my meals.

    For example, you go to Texas Roadhouse land you want to get a grilled chicken salad; that salad contains 308 calories without the dressing. Before the salad you might have had a roll at 227 calories. That is 538 calories for your dinner. Now if you’re going without a soda, dressing, or butter that is a normal amount of calories for a lunch or even dinner. Now add in the butter (125), ranch dressing (132), and one soda (140) that comes to a dinner equaling a shocking 935 calorie lunch or dinner. That is half the amount of calories a person needs in a day, so eating this many calories could mean losing out on eating a snack or possibly a full meal (if you get meals like this all the time).

    So if you cut out the extras your meal would be alright; but instead of having a dinner that might not satisfy why not get a meal your happy with? I went to Dish on Market (434 W. Market St.) for a healthy meal that was fulfilling.

    I tried the Elena Ruth sandwich at around 289 calories. It was delectable, one of the best sandwiches I have eaten around Louisville. The sandwich comes with chips (I ate a few because I wanted to try them but then let my daughter eat the rest) that the chef makes himself and they were very good. I wouldn’t think they contain too many calories because there weren’t a lot of them on the plate, so if you just stick with that it will still be a great meal. I ordered green beans for a side item and they were exceptional. The green beans averaged around 17 calories and I had a Diet Coke at zero calories; my meal ended up at 306 calories and I was satisfied. There was nothing about the meal that made me feel like I didn’t get what I paid for; the chef even delivers it to your table. So I suggest you try this place out.

    Now I’m not saying everything on the menu is completely healthy but my meal was. I had the proper amount of protein, fruit (because there is strawberry jam on the sandwich), vegetables, and grain. You must always make sure to balance what you are eating in your meals because a balanced meal is the best for you. I even made sure my daughter’s meal had vegetables; she had chicken tenders with fries and green beans. Fries in truth are not good for you just because of the way they are prepared but she didn’t have very many so it is fine; but also the restaurant gives you a good amount of the items for the calories you should intake. So try to get a salad, vegetables, or the fruit salad if you have the chance when eating out. This restaurant definitely offers you that chance! I plan on going there again for sure.

    Remember, I am basing this calorie intake on women ages 19-30; women in this age range should eat only 2000 calories a day, a man in this age range should eat 2,400. As we get older the amount we should eat gets lower, also if you exercise regularly the calories you should intake will be different as well. 

    Lead photo courtesy Dish on Market, other photos by Kathleen Quinn

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    About Kathleen Quinn

    First and foremost I'm a mom. I'm also a recent graduate from the University of Louisville and love to cook! Especially healthy foods.

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