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    Bit to Do

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    Do you remember those VHS tapes from back in the day that are unintentionally hilarious? These gems are hidden and forgotten about, but the Found Footage Fest Tour is about to bring them back into the spotlight. On Friday, April 3, the Found Footage Fest Tour is coming to Louisville, KY to Headliners Music Hall (1386 Lexington Rd.). Doors open at 8p.m., and the show will run from 8:30p.m-10pm. Afterwards, Sapat, a local band, will be featured and will perform into the night. Tickets are $10 and are available in advance or at the door.

    This is the 10th anniversary of the Found Footage Fest Tour, and they have a line-up of new, never before seen material for us. The tour’s founders, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, will host the show; Pickett has written for The Onion, and Prueher has worked for David Letterman and Stephen Colbert. Pickett and Prueher will be taking us through a series of bits and pieces of VHS tapes, providing commentary and jokes throughout the show. These videos run from home movies, exercise videos, and just about any funny tapes they’ve found throughout the years.

    I spoke to Prueher about the originals of this event, and it actually originated in a small town in Wisconsin. Prueher said that him and his friends had nothing to do back then, so they would find old VHS tapes in the oddest of places, such as garage sales, thrift shops, warehouses, and dumpsters, and make inside jokes about the parts that they found funny. It wasn’t until later when they discovered that other people found these funny, too, and so, the Found Footage Fest was born.

    Prueher explained that this show will feature clips from Tiger Moves, an exercise video, and Butt Camp, an exercise video from our own city, Louisville, KY. Additionally, since this is their 10th anniversary, Prueher stated that they had gone back to one of their original tapes, John and Johnny from America’s Value Network, to pull new footage to feature. On top of that, they had reconnected John and Johnny (who hadn’t seen each other for 26 years) and did an interview with them; this will also be debuted at the show.

    As Prueher reiterates, this event will bring together “stuff that can’t be seen anywhere else. It’s the weirdest, funniest footage that can’t be found on the Internet. You can laugh with your friends in a dark room with lots of people at the forgotten VHS tapes. These tapes will get their moment in the sun for one night in Louisville.”

    For anyone going to the show, Prueher requests that if they have found any funny VHS footage, to please bring it with them. Prueher and Pickett are always on the lookout for new footage!


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