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    Dear Lou,

    One of my favorite things about this town is that the bars stay open late. However, the kitchens close way before the alcohol stops flowing and I just need a little something at the end of a night of drinking - Otherwise, I wake up with a hangover from hell. Where can I get my food fix at 4 in the morning?






    Dear Drunchies,

    Oh, the sweet, starving intoxication of leaving a bar at 4 in the morning: a sensation specific and especially debilitating to Louisville. We’ve all had the night that started as a couple of cocktails around nine and progressed into the hell hole of $2 PBRs and cheap tequila well into the wee hours. Those nights definitely need to be capped with a few extra calories to insure a hangover doesn’t hang over your whole tomorrow. Satisfying the “drunchies” (drunk munchies) are a must, because what else are you suppose to do? Go home, eat a piece of dry toast or dare try to heat up something on the stove? Certainly not, because only you can prevent bourbon induced kitchen fires.

    What you need is the savory, greasy satisfaction of a blurred decision between small and large. You need alcohol-influenced calories. The ones you lean over a sticky countertop and slur your speech to order. Luckily there are a few local eateries that meet the need to stuff your drunken face at an unreasonable hour. New Wave Burrito is great. They’ll even deliver to the bar!  Butchertown Grocery is another option where one can feel fancy eating a burger in foil. Also, Barbara Lee’s Kitchen is open 24/7, but my personal favorite is the holy grail of late night grub, Burger Boy.

    Also, here are 28 spots to get your drunchies on in Louisville. Good luck soaking up the alcohol. 



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    Illustration by Kendall Regan

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