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    Dear Lou: Fight or (Beer) Flight
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    Dear Lou,
    My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about two weeks ago. We met at a bar we both frequently go to. Now that we’re broken up, how do I deal with seeing him at my home bar?
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    Dear Not Sharing,
    From past experience I would usually suggest acting surprised when running into an ex partner, but since it’s common knowledge that you both frequent the same bar, surprise tactics won’t work here.
    You could work out a visitation schedule. Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday could be his days. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays could be yours. Then, trade off every other Saturday and holidays. However, in my professional opinion, this is a complication you should try to avoid.
    My advice to you would be to try the fight or flight method. If this particular bar is one you cannot drink without, then stay and fight through the couple of uncomfortable, awkward weeks of seeing him/her there. Eventually it will pass, but in my opinion the flight instinct is what I recommend. Find a new bar. This city has new bars popping up all the time. Have you tried 8UP? This doesn’t mean you’re running from the situation, it means you’re moving on from it. A new place means new opportunities and cocktails with no baggage.
    Best of luck,

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    Illustration by Kendall Regan 

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