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    Bit to Do

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    Darshwood the Conjuror is releasing his DVD titled

    Postmodern Magic

    October 2nd at Zazoos Bar and Grill with special guest performers Ohlm
    (an instrumental acid metal band)  and the Va Va Vixens burlesque troop.
    This is his first DVD release, and it’s a major step as he follows a
    family tradition of entertainment.

    grandfather spent three years touring with Ringling, Bros and  Barnum
    & Bailey Circus as a clown.  His  father was the original drummer
    for the Dazz Band and many other traveling rock, jazz and gospel groups,
    while his uncle  is a professional stage illusionist who has performed
    on international waters and in 17 countries.

    doubt I will ever forget the moment I saw him borrow a cigarette from
    my dad only to make it seemingly vanish at the tips of his fingers,”
    says Darshwood.  “ He then proceeded to make it appear behind my ear.
    What ensued after that was a series of vanishes and reappearances of
    the cigarette.  I followed my uncle all over the house for the next few
    minutes as the menthol entered into the abyss of our kitchen sink only
    to be found under our couch cushion in the living room moments later.
    Then into the VCR it went, somehow ending up behind a potted plant in
    the bay window of our dining room.  It wasn’t until years later I was
    informed that this was merely a demonstration of sleight of hand
    technique. I was hooked and completely enthralled with the desire to
    perform my own mini-miracles just like Uncle Peter.”

    the following years, Darshwood was given a magic kit and taken to see
    David Copperfield at a live show.  He made a vow to travel all over the
    world like his uncle and Copperfield, so he began to explore everything
    he could get his hands on.   When he entered high school,  he made some
    pit stops along the way to explore other interests such as music and
    girls and after high school, Darshwood traveled with Hare Krishnas who
    gave him the name Darshanandaji - which is Sanskrit for “one who is
    lovingly devoted to witnessing miracles.”   It was attendance at his
    uncle’s wedding that led Darshwood to renew  his vows of love for  magic
    with the introduction of Cary Pollack, who is one of the country’s most
    prominent “up close” sleight of hand magicians.

    the wedding] when I came back home to Cincinnati and saw what the new
    guy on TV, David Blaine, was doing, I was totally convinced that magic
    was going to be my trade,” says the conjuror.  “... and not the
    furniture moving stuff that Uncle Peter and David Copperfield do on
    stage.  I wanted to be a knuckle busting sleight of hand artiste.  When
    it came time for me to choose a stage name the decision came quite
    easily as I was already being called Darsh by a number of friends and
    even my Mom.  Adding the syllable “wood” just made it roll off the
    tongue much easier than “anandaji”,  so Darshwood I became.

    then, Darshwood has become a master of the art of  prestidigation.  He
    continued his studies in magic and focused his energy on the
    manipulation of small objects as well as the unique psychology of
    misdirection before he began performing publicly again at Derby City
    Expresso and Sub Rosa: The Gypsie Courtyard. Since then, he has made
    appearances at many bars, art galleries and venues such as Churchill
    Downs, Comedy Caravan, The Alley Theater, Slugger Field, Kosair
    Children’s Hospital, Lynn’s Paradise Café, Glassworks and The Seelbach

    All of his studies and performances have culminated into a series of performances with the group

    Keepers of Magic

    and the show

    Postmodern Magic

    which will now be available on DVD.  

    Postodern Magic

    is Darshwood’s way of keeping the traditions of magic alive in times to come.

    are a number of magicians in the world right now who are always trying
    to create the next new trick but I’ve always wanted to stick with the
    classics of our art.  As a magician, I am part of an ancient trade that
    predates human history.  Many of magic’s scholars will argue that our
    craft began with the medicine men and shamans of tribal society, but it
    is believed that magic got it’s start even before man ever left the
    caves in order to evolve.  There was a magician in every court who was
    responsible for consulting the king before every important decision was
    made until just  a few centuries ago.  As the Renaissance  came about,
    science replaced magic, and even the conjurers that began practicing
    alchemy were eventually eradicated by the Inquisition.  In order for the
    magician to survive, we had to take on the role of entertainer.   I
    recently made a mission of  exposing my audiences to the huge impact
    magic has had on history and pointing out that even today, mystery and
    wonder will always prevail as a means to inspire and delight.  That is
    where Postmodern Magic came from.”

    Magic and Mayhem Show begins at 9 p.m. on Friday, October 1st,2010.
    There will be no charge for admission.  ZaZoo’s is located at 102 Bauer
    Avenue in Louisville, KY.  Postmodern Magic DVDs will be available for
    $10.00 and Darshwood will be available to sign every copy sold.


    Photo by Kaley Roberts: Darshwood entertains me on 4th St Live!

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