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    Bit to Do

    Attack of the Pacifists about to complete first CD and at Phoenix Hill this Fri
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    Tony Minzenberger is the genius behind Attack of the Pacifists. It may be that you have seen his gun toting lemur logo around town, but it's more likely you haven't. Shame on you. 

    Attack of the Pacifists is his musical handle and was the result of a late night conversation with a room mate. Tony plays acoustic rock with a variety of funky instruments and a loop pedal. In addition to his amazing guitar skills that wow other musicians, he throws in toy whistles, shaker eggs, a glockenspiel and bongo ball paddles ( the old paddles from the 80's that make a big boom when the ball hits them). Tony's soulful and powerful vocals round out the performance to leave a lasting impression. He is one of Louisville's best kept musical secrets. 

    Tony's been playing guitar for 16 years and is mostly self taught aside from six months of lessons. He has a hard time borrowing instruments or finding a good guitar because he is left-handed.

    "Or wrong handed," he says.

    Don't let him fool you. He can actually rock out on a right-handed guitar as well, playing it "upside down". That's quite a feat, because the strings are in completely different locations. 

    "I also catch bullets with my teeth," says Tony. "Okay. That's not true. That's Bruce Leroy (from Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon)."

    Tony's sense of humor also shines through. He is an all around humble person with mad skills. He recently recorded his first album with American Recording Company and is signed to Vital Records, a local music label.  He is now trying to raise funding to cover the mastering, pressing, and promotion of his album.

    "I need to raise about $3200 in the next couple months," he says. "I hope to have the record out by late summer."

    Support Tony's campaign by searching for Attack of the Pacifists on Catch him live at Phoenix Hill Tavern on April 27, 2012 in the Taproom at 10 p.m. Cover is $10. You won't be sorry. 

    Photo and video supplied by Attack of the Pacifists. Lemur Art by Dick Starr. 

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