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    Dogs are certainly one-of-a-kind creatures. They are some of the most selfless beings on the planet, caring more for others than they do themselves. They know how to make us smile until it hurts, even when we’re at our worst. They have this strange ability to somehow sense when we need a comforting paw on our shoulder, or just a good fit of laughter to get through the day. They don’t discriminate. They don’t care about the color of our skin, what gender we identify as, or what social class we fall under. Dogs only care about what kind of heart we have. They can sense whether or not a person has good inside of them and are incredibly gifted at bringing out that goodness no matter how small. They are always there for us, not because they have to be — but because they genuinely want to be. Because they love us, and we are their family. I am a firm believer that dogs make the world a better place in that they are a prime example of what it means to love unconditionally- a lesson humans (especially in this day and age) are in desperate need of re-learning.

    How can you repay your fun-loving furry friend for all the love and support they give you each day? By taking them on a date! A dog loves nothing more than spending quality time with its owner and it never hurts to spoil your babies a little bit. Here are a few of my favorite places in Louisville to take my puppies, Penny and Zen, when I want to say thank you for loving me.


    Steel City Pops:

    Another scorcher outside? Treat your pup to a delicious popsicle for a fun and tasty way to cool off! Made with all-natural, organic ingredients; there are plenty of refreshingly fruity options and only a few flavors you’ll want to avoid feeding your best friend (a.k.a. anything with chocolate in it). Find a spot outdoors, relax in the summer evening air, and enjoy each other’s company while you eat your popsicles. End the date with a nice walk along Bardstown Road.


    Vines and Canines:

    Who says dogs don’t need to be wine and dined? Vines and Canines is a unique wine bar that offers water and treats amongst other doggie goodies for your best pal while you sit and sip on something good. Whatever you try, you can take home in a bottle. You can also take home goodies for your dog. For more information on Vines and Canines such as hours of operation and upcoming events, visit their Facebook page, here.


    Comfy Cow:

    The perfect stop after a walk or jog with your pup, Comfy Cow offers a wide selection of delicious ice cream flavors for you as well as frozen "Pooch Pops" for your four-legged family member. The prices are super reasonable and the pops are made with all natural ingredients, so they are actually good for your dog.


    Dairy Kastle:

    What's better than soft serve vanilla ice cream? How about soft serve vanilla ice cream with milk bones on top? Okay, so maybe ice cream topped with milk bones isn't your cup of tea; but it's sure to be a hit with your pup! Located at 575 Easter Pkwy, Dairy Kastle is the perfect place to hangout with your dog because there is plenty of outdoor seating and the workers kindly provide a large water bowl for their canine customers. Not only do they have a wide variety of ice cream flavors, but they also offer snacks like corn dogs and tacos in a bag. There are also a few vegetarian options on the menu.


    Waverly Hills Dog Park:

    Permits are actually required to enjoy this woodsy dog park. Here, dogs gets the freedom to run wild and prowl about in a forest like setting, just like their wolfy ancestors. There are benches for you to relax on and plenty of scenic views to enjoy while your pup expends all of that extra energy. If you really love it and want to visit some of the other dog parks around Louisville, you're going to need to purchase a permit for your pal. To learn more about all the dog runs Louisville has to offer, click here.


    Images by Jaime Brewer

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    I love dinosaurs, my puppy, and running. Currently a student at THE University of Louisville studying English and Philosophy.

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